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  • Blog Post: Can army of two be a best shooter nominee? NO

    I really didn't want to get 40th day at first, but on a rainy day, I tried it. The results: not complete failer, but still a bummer. This co-op tps doesn't really deliver. Graphics are good. They can be pretty good sometimes. Afew times ehh, but overall they were good. The story and score are... More
  • Blog Post: EA's shooter has exciting core gameplay, but two mercs don't make an army.

    The original Army of Two co-op shooter launched a few years ago to good sales - so it makes good sense that EA Montreal would pump out a sequel to bring more fans into the experience. Army of Two: the 40th Day gives center stage to the core co-op shooting and gun customization, the main highlights of... More
  • Blog Post: Good sequel but does it match the first for Origionality?

    I found the mission scope from the first game to be "broader" ie aircraft carrier, china, usa etc. Dont get me wrong, using a hippo for cover is every videogamers dream! But the game could have used a broader location set for the game. Other than that I found this game to be fun with good customization... More
  • Blog Post: Army of Two, Thr 40th day Review

    This is aperfect example of a game you can play with a friend ( no s@@t sherlock). All the games do plenty amount of damage on regular badguys. Unfourtenly, the controls sre alittle cluncky and it gets boring in campaign (unless you with a freind). More
  • Blog Post: .

    the co-op was slightly better... More
  • Blog Post: Army of 2: The 40th Review

    I've read a lot of reviews, the last few days, on Army of 2: The 40th Day. And while there are issues, you just can't help but nod your head in agreement on, I think this series get's a fairly bad rap, but it's more about gaming taste, then it is the actual game. Granted this series has... More
  • Blog Post: Army of Two: The 40th Day Review

    This game isn't good at all. I have played the first few hours of it and i am left with nothing but boredom and frustration. They did nothing to fix the awkward controls and stupid characters. I hate the fact that Rios and Salem do nothing but acting like a punk teenager throwing out cheesy one-liners... More
  • Blog Post: Good with a Friend

    There is really no other to play this game. It's a game to play if you want to rent something for a weekend and play with your buddies. The graphics aren't great, but the nice thing is the action doesn't stop, there is strategy in the game that requires you to flank and use aggro effectively... More
  • Blog Post: 2010 starts off in the worst way

    The first Army of Two was ok . When army of two the 40th day was shown i thought this game was going to be realy good . What a let down . The demo was bad & the game is bad . the blood looks like ketchup & the storyline is ... Who cares this game sucks and there is no need for a part three. only... More
  • Blog Post: EA makes Army of Two stand out for the better this time!

    When EA created the original Army of Two, it was an okay co-op experience with a huge amount of potential. Now, EA has followed up to that game, and the co-op experience justifies the purchase. The story is now much more mature and interesting, but (like the first one) it isn't something you need... More
  • Blog Post: I think Gameinformer was a bit too harsh on the reveiwer

    IT's a really good game. The AI has been greatly improved, graphics are better, the acting is less chessely, controlls are better. I give it a 9.25 out of ten. More
  • Blog Post: better than u say

    I think this game is awesome, a highly customizable co-op fps w/ morale choices; nuff said More
  • Blog Post: Really?

    WOW. Did you get a dif copy of the game? this one is sooo much better than the first. The combat and the customization are awesome. They did so much to repair the first one, and it turned out to be a really fun game. And the multiplayer was a blast, seeing as ive been playin MW2 since realease. it was... More
  • Blog Post: GAME INFORMER FAILS AT REVIEWS!!!!!!!!!!!

    Im sorry, but the reviewer who reviewed this game is really REALLY off base. How did you give the 40th day LESS of a rating then the first game which you clearly said was BETTER? Wow, totally off. Anyway, Im playing the game now and it is far superior to its original in every way shape and form. Better... More
  • Blog Post: INSANELY FUN.

    GI, you have it wrong. Army of Two: The 40th Day is WAY better than the first. There is more in depth weapon customization, the mask customization is amazing, and the gameplay is sick. The only bad thing about this game is that is absolutely sucks without a friend. Otherwise, I have nothing bad to say... More
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