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  • Blog Post: Forty days forty nights

    Armay of two is a decent enough game. The camra is bad and so is the online. On the bright side playing through the campang with your buddies is fun and so is makeing chosies. The chosies dont make much change but are still fun to make. The story mode is great and is long enough, but after that there... More
  • Blog Post: EA's shooter has exciting core gameplay, but two mercs don't make an army.

    The original Army of Two co-op shooter launched a few years ago to good sales - so it makes good sense that EA Montreal would pump out a sequel to bring more fans into the experience. Army of Two: the 40th Day gives center stage to the core co-op shooting and gun customization, the main highlights of... More
  • Blog Post: The Fall of Shanghai

    Welcome to Shanghai. Well, when you're playing Army of Two: The 40 th Day, you'd more likely think it is hell. That's not a bad thing either. The collapsing city of Shanghai is way more interesting and explosive than any environment you came across in the first game. Besides that, get ready... More
  • Blog Post: Review - Army of Two: The 40th Day

    Army of Two: The 40th Day (360) The gun-toting, wise-crackin' bros are back in EA's sequel to the fun-but-mediocre third-person shooter Army of Two. Once again the focus is on two-player co-op and the relationship between Rios and Salem with a side-focus of the all too often used "moral... More
  • Blog Post: Way better then the first one.

    i was shocked when i got the halo reach GI magizine and saw that they gave this game a 6. i was really pissed of i thought it was a real improvment from the first one because A: the multiplayer is actuallty playable.B:the weapon creater is so freaking awesome plus the custom mask are freaking sick!!... More
  • Blog Post: Salty Reviews: Army of Two: the 40th Day

    Score: 6/10 The Good The aggro system is back in full force. One character can use big, flashy guns and draw enemy fire while a second character flanks them or snipes from a distance. It gives a healthy balance of fast paced action and silent combat. Combat in general hasn't changed since the first... More
  • Blog Post: EA Almost Pulls It Off..

    First off, I'd like to say that Ao2:TFD was a good game, and definetly not deserving of GI's 6.5. One of the things I liked most about this game was the gun customization, it was easy, fun, and added replay value to the game. Although this game mechanic is awesome in single player, the game developer... More
  • Blog Post: EA makes Army of Two stand out for the better this time!

    When EA created the original Army of Two, it was an okay co-op experience with a huge amount of potential. Now, EA has followed up to that game, and the co-op experience justifies the purchase. The story is now much more mature and interesting, but (like the first one) it isn't something you need... More
  • Blog Post: New Setting, Old Formula

    Army of Two 40 Day stays true to the formula that made the first game what it was. The 40th day takes place in a crumbling Shanghai, as Elliot Salem and Tyson Rios attempt to escape the wreckage being caused by falling building, crashing airliners, and well fired missiles. From the get-go, the purpose... More
  • Blog Post: Really?

    WOW. Did you get a dif copy of the game? this one is sooo much better than the first. The combat and the customization are awesome. They did so much to repair the first one, and it turned out to be a really fun game. And the multiplayer was a blast, seeing as ive been playin MW2 since realease. it was... More
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