I really didn't want to get 40th day at first, but on a rainy day, I tried it. The results: not complete failer, but still a bummer. This co-op tps doesn't really deliver.

Graphics are good. They can be pretty good sometimes. Afew times ehh, but overall they were good. The story and score are all right. There really isn't a amazing story though.

Gameplay can be good, but can be bad. The campaign can go from 5-10 hours if that. CO-OP can be kind of fun, but could be better. Campaign can be fun that's if your working with someone. The computer AI that you work with will either get hurt and die, hardly help, or if you are in trouble, won't revive you.

Overall, Army of two: 40th is bascially just an all right game. All it is. You will be pleased, you will be angry. Overall, you'll probably be disapppointed. Would recomende to rent on a very, very stormy day. Still, I would give Army of two: 40th day a

7.5 out of 10