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  • Blog Post: Army Corps Of Hell Review

    We constantly hear about Mario, Zelda, and Donkey Kong when Shigeru Miyamoto’s career is discussed, but rarely do we hear about the underrated Pikmin games. Those charming titles featured a unique gameplay mechanic that has rarely been duplicated. While the idea of tossing hordes of minions at... More
  • Blog Post: New Army Corps Of Hell Trailer Shows Off Multiplayer

    Army Corps of Hell has multiplayer, and this video is here to prove it. It also has lots and lots of metal music, which regardless of your opinion of the musical genre, you have to admit it's the perfect fit for this kind of game. The gameplay looks like a mosh pit simulator. Army Corps of Hell is... More
  • Blog Post: Smell The Sulfur With New Army Corps Of Hell Screens

    The PlayStation Vita's upcoming strategy action game, Army Corps of Hell, combines the best elements of Pikmin and... hell. Basically, you're an undead general commanding legions of ravenous goblins as you attempt to exact vengeance on the gods. From what we've played of the game, it's... More
  • Blog Post: Hell In A Handheld

    Sony revealed a brand new Japanese launch title for the PlayStation Vita during their pre-TGS 2011 press conference a few days ago. While I didn’t know anything about the game then, I liked the idea of guiding a legion of goblins through hell. To my pleasant surprise, I was able to get my hands... More
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