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Armored Core V

New Armored Core Video Shows Off Bosses, Weapons, And More

In this walkthrough, Namco Bandai community manager Rich Bantegui shows you the intricate details on the game's customization features, weapons, and bosses.

  • WoW thanks for the info! Still looking like a good game.

  • So cannot freakin wait for this to come out........I've been touching myself to the screen shots for months!!!
  • Im actually pretty excited about this! AC4 is one of my favorite guilty pleasure games :3

  • some of my favorite things: big robots, big guns, and big crazy action.

  • I'm glad they didn't give up on us Armored Core fans. Sometimes I prefer a giant Mech to a military shooter.

  • Machines, guns, explosions, awesome melee life is complete!

  • Mod

    looking smexy

  • im kinda disappointed its not as fast paced as armored core 4 or for anwser

  • Awesome. Great info. This Armored Core is looking fantastic! Big AC fan and am anticipating its release. It has been a long time since I played an AC game.
  • The charge time on that "Grind Blade" is ridiculous. Can't see that actually being viable, but frankly that's fine with me... "Ultimate" weapons, or any piece that is statistically far better than the rest of the gear out there is not something I am a fan of, especially when there's a PvP element.
  • looks awesome.  hopefully it gets the appreciation it deserves unlike its predecessors.

  • So the only thing that is different with the ammo is that Solid ammo, as it used to be called is in two groups now, kentic, and chemical, but still solid ammo, and energy weapons are still the same. Cool. I only hope that there are no ways to be able to boost in the air infinitly. anyway this game comes out the day after my cake day. Wink, wink, nudge, nudge. :)

  • Mechs are so cool.  I'm ready for the army to start building war machines!

  • I want this game to be good so bad. I haven't played a mech game that I've enjoyed since custom robo for the gamecube.

  • Ever since the disappointment that was Front Mission Evolved, I've been waiting for this. I hope it lives up to the hype.

  • Recently picked AC4:FA and have been loving it! Definitely lookinf forward to AC5!

  • I think this looks good, ive been in the mood for a mech game for a while now.

  • this game looks like it came a long way since the psone days.

  • DGreat game. It just need a bit of support.