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Arma 3

Bohemia Celebrates Launch With New Trailer

Arma 3, the latest in the military sim series, is out now; watch this new trailer to see what's in store on the battlefield.

This game has always been popular among the hardcore crowd, and it's easy to see why.

  • This has to be my favorite game of the year. I love how the game doesn't cater to every player. If you are a good helicopter pilot, your a valuable asset to your team, and if you are a terrible helicopter pilot, you know your just going to crash and burn - and you most likely won't want to step foot into a helicopter until you have practiced a little bit more. I hate playing Battlefield 3 when you have a bunch of morons on your team, they just grab the nearest vehicle and go explode in a corner. This is especially true with the jets and helicopters.
  • How are the controls now, are they improved? I liked the realism of the last game but the controls were horrendous in my opinion.
  • What happened to those guys who got arrested?
  • I just saw this on Steam. I really want to get this! It's too bad my PC is bullcrap.
  • Should I get this game? I heard form my friend that it is sort of incomplete, but i really enjoyed Arma 2.
  • graphically, i am not impressed.
  • Sorry, but is this like MMO style basically? I never played the series since I don't have a rig.
  • I love the ideas and really want to play it, but even on my 560 Ti the beta and Arma 2 both somehow run terribly.

  • So........ how much would it cost to build a pc that could play this?
  • I'm getting my new cpu, motherboard, power-supply, and video card today so I will be able to play soon.

  • Looks pretty solid. Graphics are sharp and clean.
  • My friend got it for $35.

  • Will GI be reviewing this?

  • Someday I will invest in building a good PC.....someday.

  • Awesome. This is pretty nice looking still.