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The Indie Mega Booth at PAX Prime in Seattle, Washington is packed with awesome surprises. Among them in Apotheon by Alien Trap Games. This side-scrolling action game has the aesthetic of ancient Greek art combined with deliberate melee combat. I played through a section with enemy raiders razing and pillaging the hero’s hometown. The single-player campaign is set on Mount Olympus. The demo begins with the protagonist trying to help his town as it’s burned to the ground. Panicking NPCs flee from warmongering invaders, pleading for help. These scurrying 2D characters help bring the burning...


  • Name: Apotheon
  • Platform: PC
  • 1 (Online TBA) Players
  • Developer: Alien Trap Games
  • Publisher: Alien Trap Games
  • Genre: Action
  • Release Date: 2013
  • ESRB: RP
  • Offline Multiplayer:
  • Online Multiplayer:
Accessibility Features
  • Subtitles: No
  • [cc]: No
  • Colorblind Mode: No
  • Multiple Difficulty Settings: No
  • In-game Help/Hint System: No
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