Go to ever rock and dig a hole behind you and to both sides of that first hole. Face the rock and hit it repeatedly  with the shovel. Doing this once a day will give you between 8k-16k Bells if done right. Shaking tree can drop bells, items, or bee hives that are worth 500 bells. By placing green items in the south east area of your rooms you increase your luck. Increasing your luck increases the money you can get from rocks and trees with rocks up to 53k bells and 200 from tree. Once you gain access to the island you can start making quick money very easily. It is best to go at night since rare bugs and fish are night creatures. Once on the island plant palm trees only on the sides not on top or bottom to ensure you can see all the trees but not scare anything away. Once on the island go back and forth on the bottom looking for beetles in the trees the bigger the more money, only get big ones until you know which ones are worth more. Be very careful with beetles you must move slow or they get scared and fly away.Don't get fish unless they have a visible fin showing they can be worth up to 15k. To increase your money there is a law at town hall to increase the amount of bells you get for selling items that costs 20k.Earn money online