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  • Blog Post: Falls flat for anyone with any all.

    To begin, I'll be honest: this was the first and only Animal Crossing game I've played. (I didn't have a GameCube, and I can't find the Wii version) I was very excited when I picked it up, because I love life simulation games! That said, I really wouldn't recommend this game to anyone... More
  • Blog Post: Casual, Entertaining, and Stress Free

    Animal Crossing: New Leaf is the fourth game I have purchased for my NIntendo 3ds( a system I use largely for replaying my favorite ds games), and the game has made me reinvest my interest in my gaming handheld. Animal crossing provides casual, short play sessions which are perfect for on the go gaming... More
  • Blog Post: Shaking Expectations and Trees

    Animal Crossing brings me back to the days of my childhood when everything was innocent. Back when my grandma had me convinced there were fairies living under the caps of the mushrooms that grew across the front yard in the springtime after a heavy rain. Or that boiling water was more than water hitting... More
  • Blog Post: Best Animal Crossing yet

    This is the best Animal Crossing yet. Nintendo really made this one even more personalized to the user than the previous versions were. The ability to customize your town being the mayor is amazing, especially being able to choose your map from a set when naming your town and picking where you want your... More
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