To begin, I'll be honest: this was the first and only Animal Crossing game I've played. (I didn't have a GameCube, and I can't find the Wii version) I was very excited when I picked it up, because I love life simulation games! That said, I really wouldn't recommend this game to anyone who has responsibilities in the real world of any kind.

Yes, I know the game is made more for kids than adults, but I also know a large group of adult friends who grew up with these games, and love them to this day.

The game is fun. It feels like a mix between The Sims, and a scaled down version of Sim City. You play as the mayor (of the town that you name). You can enact laws (or ordinances) that affect day to day life, build new houses, stores, etc. and just wander around helping your fellow townsfolk.

Why I don't like it:
As a graduate with an art degree, I've learned that everyone on the planet has their own definition of what "art" truly is. Similarly, everyone is entitled to their own opinion on what constitutes a "good" video game. My personal definition is that if the game your playing requires tedious action that feels more like work, a job, or a requirement than it does an enjoyable experience, its not a good game, its just work.

This is what AC: NL felt like to me. I spent weeks playing it every day when I came home from work, but not because I WANTED to. It was because if I didn't, the townsfolk would move out if I didn't check in frequently enough, or my town would become overrun with weeds. I was forced to pay off a home loan, and do other people's work for them. The payoff just didn't fit the reward of the work put into it. After a few months of owning the game, my town was barely any different than when I had first started, no matter how much I played each night.

I get why people could like this game, especially kids or students who don't have a ton of real life responsibility, but for myself, a mid 20's hardcore gamer with a full-time job and my own bills to pay, along with just wanting to do things like play other games too, it just left me empty, and not wanting to play it.

I give it a 5/10. There were some fun things to do, but the work didn't match the reward.