Animal Crossing: New Leaf is the fourth game I have purchased for my NIntendo 3ds( a system I use largely for replaying my favorite ds games), and the game has made me reinvest my interest in my gaming handheld. Animal crossing provides casual, short play sessions which are perfect for on the go gaming, particularly between classes if currently in college or other busy lifestyles.


For me, I know that animal crossing is a nice change in pace from the hardcore, story intensive games I choose to play at home in my free time. In Animal Crossing, there is no prewritten plot. there is no pressure to save the world(or destroy it), it is just you in your town with your neighbors, and everything is adorable. Charming and seemingly simply animal crossing will keep some hooked everyday, and others it will repel because of its lack of clear direction or intense action. 

Creating your own world is still at the center of this charming gem. Several things in the world, from your character, to your house, and now your town is at your disposal to decorate and create how you envision it. The sheer number of items available for you to use to decorate your house is overwhelming and include items from nintendo's favs, such as the triforce and varia suit boots. In addition there is also a large amount of meaningless tasks to accomplish in order to stay out of debt, improve the town, and much more.

Similar to minecraft, Animal Crossing feels like more of a toy than an actual game sometimes, but perhaps that is what makes it so appealing. It defines the predetermined walls of what people think makes a game, and becomes something all its own, and that something is decidedly pointless, but oh so entertaining all at the same time.