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Animal Crossing: New Leaf

Latest New Leaf Developer Diary Details Animal Crossing's Calendar

In the latest episode of Inside the Treehouse, Animal Crossing: New Leaf's localization team talks about the game's calendar.

For New Leaf, the game's calendar and events are based more on the real-world calendar, similar to the GameCube version of the game. The team also said that events will have a certain amount of build-up that will require players to play close attention. It also sounds like April Fool's Day is of particular importance, but they wouldn't explain why.

This isn't the first developer diary covering the game. You can check out the localization team talk about bringing the game to North America here.

Animal Crossing: New Leaf is coming to the 3DS on June 9.

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  • That's a pretty cool Nintendo presentation.

  • I just hope they let you set the time and date through your WiFi-connection. It was just a constant, albeit minor annoyance.

  • I've been watching all of these videos and it's making me so excited. I can't wait for June 9th! ^_^

  • Animal Crossing 3DS XL Is not as great as an Evolution of Charmeleon 3DS XL

    Take a hint Nintendo.

    EDIT: Wow. Really, mods? Talk about an abuse of power.
  • Still haven't decided if I wanna get this yet, I've never played an animal crossing before, I can't decide if it'll be really fun and a nice time waster, or if ill get bored of it in 2 days
  • I love these developer diaries that Nintendo has been creating. I've been watching every one of them and they're very good. I still CANNOT wait for Animal Crossing: New Leaf! I want that game so badly! It is my most anticipated game of all time!
  • Looks like the team is going all out for this game.

  • Ive watched this video 2 days ago.... Dont rush yourselves  gameinformer

  • You ARE the holiday!

  • I love Animal Crossing! This is a game that I've always enjoyed playing and I love it because its simply so relaxing. :)

  • At this point, I hardly even need to look at that many more AC videos as onboard as I already am with getting to be mayor and finally getting to swim and sail with Kappa again. Handheld GOTY for me.