In  the game their are multiple tools that you can use within the game.

Axe-buy from Nook

Silver Axe-throw into town fountain

Gold Axe-randomly get from town fountain

Shovel-Buy from Nook

Silver shovel-Go to resetti's suveilance center

Gold shovel-Bury shovel for 12 hours

Net-Buy from Nook

Silver Net-Buy from Nook

Gold Net-Catch every type of bug

Slingshot-Buy from Nook

Silver Slingshot-Obtain randomly from balloon

Gold Slingshot-Obtain randomly from balloon

Fishing rod-Buy from Nook

Silver Fishing rod-Buy from Nook

Gold Fishing rod-Catch every type of fish

Watering Can-Buy from Nook

Silver Watering Can-Buy from Nook

Gold Watering Can-Keep perfect town rank for 10 days