I can still remember the first time I ever played Animal Crossing. The graphics were bad, the storyline, well, non-existant, but something about the wide-eyed characters with funny colored hair and triangle dresses caught my attention. 

So I went home, begged my parents for this amazing game, and bought the Gamecube to go along with it. As anyone whose played these games know, it quickly lost it's appeal. There's only so much fishing and pulling up weeds you can do in an hour. Let alone a month.

But a few years down the road when I heard of Animal Crossing: City Folk, I was actually quite excited. (What? There's a city???) Needless to say, I bought that thing too.

After answering the obnoxious questions posed to me and giggling at the results I got, I rushed into the game, going through Tom Nook's nonsense so I could do whatever I wanted, whenever I wanted. And go into the city.

I'll say this. It's a neat idea. Execution? Eh. The first time my wide-eyed, pink-haired...thing walked into the city, I ran about as fast as a squirrel on acid to each and every store, whining when I didn't have enough money to change my wonky hairstyle or buy the outlandish and highly overpriced furniture from that weird looking giraffe's shop. 

So, let me say this: The team behind this game series stayed true to the classic Animal Crossing appeal. New town, a humanoid type thing talking to oversized animals, and a house to call your own and personalize. As ever, the bright colors and chipper music add a light and airy feel to the game that's always been there. 

The controls are generally easy to figure out and easy to maneuver with a Wii remote, however it can get annoying when the flick of your wrist sends the couch you just spend ages arranging into your inventory. 

The garbled speech of the animals is, as ever, annoyingly hilarious. I'd be lying if I said I didn't give the animals naughty things to call me when they asked for a nickname. (Where on earth have you been, dickhead???)

The graphics are less splotchy, so your puffy face is even rounder and puffy than before, while still retaining that cartoon-ish feel. 

However, after about ten minutes of being in the city, anyone (Unless you're five) will get bored and turn off the game. I was expecting the city to be larger, with more to do and more interactions. How many times can you go to the theater and learn a new "expression" before you're throwing your controller at the screen? 

I'll admit, there's secrets to the town and city that you have to spend ages looking for that add a slight mystery and appeal to the game, so if you're bored and have nothing to do, you can look up the cheats online or try to find them yourself. (Like the little mouse creature in the center of the fountain? HEY! She's real!) Other than that, I feel like this game had great potential, but fell short of expectations. Maybe my four year old cousin will enjoy it a lot more than I do. 

Until then, endless hours of pulling up weeds just isn't for me.