The original animal crossing game is still by far my favorite of the series but city folk is a decent game. Unfortunately they didn't change very much about the game from Wild World so it's basically an updated version of the previous entry in the animal crossing series. However, what they did change adds a few nice things to the game such as more shops in the city, toys, and the ability for the player to use emotes. Online multiplayer is a pain due to friend codes but it's possible to connect the DS to the game so that you can import your character from Wild World or play with a person who owns Wild World on the DS. Also they let players have their own houses this time around and at various locations around the town. This is good if you didn't like having to share a house with everyone in Wild World or if you wanted to have a house outside of the square in the Gamecube version. Designing patterns for clothes is also vastly improved. If you enjoyed Wild World or the Gamecube version chances are you will enjoy this, it just may feel a little like you're playing the same game for the third time in a row.