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Animal Crossing is a good game!

I love this game! It's very fun do stuff around the town. You start by being in a bus,then you get to name your town. I named mine "Craptown" LOL! Then you get get a house,make friends,invite friends to your town and even go to the city.

Your town also upgrades and gets better. Instead of the guy you begin with,you can change to your mii. You can buy stuff at Nook's shop,like furniture,axes,fishing rods,net and a whole bunch of other stuff.

I think this game is a definite buy.

  • Well, have you played the first two games? Having played this at my friends house, it just doesnt compare to A: The Gamecube version-The classic, or B: The DS version-My personal favorite. If you have a DS or a classic controller try renting one of the first two.

  • I love accf so much I play online a lot!