When you really get to playing this game, you might notice how much it rezembles that Sims series. Basically, I like to call it a kid friendly version of the Sims. The graphics of the game are pretty good and most of the caracters seem to be their own "person", or "animal" as one might say. I found the game pretty interesting at first, however, the game really does get boring after the first few hours of playing. The game repeats itself a lot and most of the challenges are pretty much the same. You start off the game with a mortgage on a house, and have to pay it off. The only flaw in this is when was the last time someone had a mortgage they could pay as slowly as they wanted, even to the point of never paying it? Not only that, as soon as you do pay off your mortgage, you are forced to expand your house, again, making you pay more money you more than likely don't have. There are special bonuses in the game like random baloons (which I never saw) and even the random finding of coins in a tree or a rock. Yes, A ROCK! Are the developers trying to make kids retarted? On top of that, there is little ways to make money, but they all can be easy, that is if you have the time to round up all the apples from the trees over the coarse of 3 days and all you may get, isn't going to pay but a small fraction of any debts you may have. I found it really interesting how every time I turned around, I was always in some sort of debt. Are the developers downplaying our economy, or are they preparing the new generation of adults for a lifetime of debt? I think they should have re-thought how they might create the game. I mean the only things you can really do is buy, sell, and deliver a few items to the towns animals, other than that, you might find yourself exploring your town, which honestly can be traveled in less than two minutes, I mean the whole town! I think that the game was a waste of my time and I'm sure glad I didn't buy it, but instead, just tried it out.