Animal Crossing was amazing. Wild World was pretty good. Then CF introduces a not-so-fun city and the same town as Wild World, and so ends up being only remotely fun. Due to the large similarities between this and Wild World, the game won't last long.

Gameplay is pretty much the same as Wild World: you move to a town, but have no money, and have to work for a racoon, Tom Nook, to pay off your debt for your new house. Familiar?

You can dig for fossils, go fishing, go bug catching, or just chat with the neighbors. Due to this being all you could do in the previous Animal Crossing titles, it's lost a good chunk of its appeal. Oh! But you can go to the city! Too bad it doesn't provide much entertainment.

Things to do in the city are: go to a theater so you can randomly have an emotional expression on your face in the future, buy things that you wouldn't want anyway for a million dollars, get your shoes to have a different color, buy balloons, and get a haircut. These activities aren't fun, as you may imagine. Oh, and you can put items up for auction to get a couple of bucks, but this is only useful if you've got other people playing the game on the same system. Crazy Redd is back too, open full time, except all he does is sell you counterfeit paintings for $100,000. Well, he also does sell you some unique items, but they're still overpriced. You can get your fortune told by some cat, and it may result in getting a bunch of money throughout the day...or tripping nonstop. These last two things are really the only reasons to go to the city.

The sound is identical to Wild World. This isn't bad, but introduce something new, will you, Nintendo? The sound is fine, but remains just another aspect unchanged from Wild World.

The graphics are the best part of the game. Textures and color are both fantastic and nice to look at. While they may not demonstrate realism, they're still pretty good, and is one of the only, what, two aspects changed?

But here's the good news: if this your first Animal Crossing title, it'll actually provide good amounts of fun for a nice amount of time. The city is still relatively useless, though; but if you've played both Animal Crossing and Wild World, or just Wild World, City Folk is best avoided. It introduces almost nothing new, and the stuff it does introduce new really doesn't matter: the city isn't very fun to visit, and graphics are the least important part of a game. Similar to what everyone wants with Crash Bandicoot, for the next AC I say out with the new, in with the old.