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Angry Birds Epic

Gameplay Footage For Angry Birds Epic

Angry Birds developer Rovio is branching out with Angry Birds Epic – a turn-based RPG. See it in action for the first time.

Angry Birds Epic is free, and includes a weapon-crafting system, leveling, character classes, and other genre staples. It's unclear how or if microtransactions will be utilized.

The game is now out in Australia and Canada, and will be hitting the U.S. iOS and Android stores some unspecified time later this year.

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  • So tired of Angry Birds. It's complete garbage.
  • Heh, I'll play it, when Im stuck in line or waiting for movie to start or something.

  • Wonder what other genre they will go into next?

  • Can't be any worse than plants vs zombies 2
  • Hm. This just might be a way to get me to play some form of Angry Birds.

  • Hot dog! Just what I've been waiting for!

    Not really.

  • Having just played South Park TSoT, I'm kind of digging the turn based combat.

  • If this game is still $0.99, that would be truly epic.

  • Eh, at least they're trying something newish. F the free to play model, though.

  • I hope they charge $4.99 or less and don't use a microtransaction system.

  • Finally, turn-based RPG's are making a small comeback. First South Park, and now this.
  • Looks like an interesting direction for the franchise. I respect that they're at least trying new things.

  • Are casuals really going to spend time on an RPG?
  • I might give this a shot.

  • Downloaded it on my 4S but there appears to be problems. It doesn't load past the Loading Audio Container screen.

  • so it went from a puzzel game to a racing game to an RPG just an excuse to make more moneu