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Anarchy Reigns

Blacker Baron Announced For Anarchy Reigns

Yet another character from the Madworld universe joins the fray in Platinum Games' upcoming multiplayer brawler. Screens and a debut trailer below.

The Baron is a cyborg who fights with "Super Sexy Fists of Fire" "acquired via nefarious means." I'm not sure exactly what this means, but "the phoenix relief on them is too money for the honeys."

Check out his in-game screens in the gallery and the trailer below for more info.

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  • Ok then...besides being a cyborg and having...phoenix fists....this guy looks like he could fit into the Saints Row universe, lol.
  • Hardest boss fight EVAR!!!!!

  • I wish they kept the same voice actor.

  • To quote Dave Chappelle, "I know a pimp when I see a pimp."

  • Isn't this a cyborg version of the Black Baron from Madworld?
    EDIT: Sry for double post, freaking computer failure...
  • Isn't this a cyborg version of the Black Baron from Madworld?

  • They should have kept the original voice actor. He made that character who he was for me.

  • oh for the love of god, stop this before its too late

  • this is basically a sequal from madworld but with random meaningless characters

  • Oh great... a black pimp stereotype with "Black" in his name.
  • Ahh, the bad guy responsible for the greatest boss fight this generation is getting a bit more love. I'm all for that.
    GAH! They changed his voice though! That's ***. I really hope Anarchy reigns doesn't bastardize MadWorld like it's seeming to.
  • Falcon PUNCH!!!

  • Cannot wait. Platinum deliverer another great game.

  • At this rate Anarchy Reigns is gonna feature Bayonetta and the guy from Vanquish, which in my book that's a win

  • It would be awesome if they put in the guy from vanquish, im blanking on his name, but if he was in it that be great

  • Lol, jeez the Japanese are so racist! Guess theyre just copying us westerners :P

  • I'm actually looking forward to this game, since it's the same people who did Bayonetta.

  • Wow... now this just looks ridiculous. =)

  • hmm...Interesting not the craziest fighting character ive ever seen

  • Holy sh!t it's the pimp from madworld!

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