Anarchy Reigns isn`t a decent game as GI says it is but it does have it`s flaws. But the overall quality is what will make you keep coming back. I`ll start with a summary of the story:

Anarchy Reigns (or Max Anarchy) takes place in an alternate universe of MadWorld, another game from Platinum Games, where it is the post apocalyptic future. Familiar characters like Jack, Rin-Rin, Mathilda, Baron, and Amala return. and new ones are their for variety. The first cutscene is a bar clash with Leo and Jack, then your free to pick the "Black Side" (Jack) or "White Side"(Leo). Leo`s story revolves around revenge, while Jack`s revolves around conspiracy. But unfortunatley, since multiplayer was the main focus, the campaign suffers from a boring and tiring narrative. It is fun at times, but most missions go doown to "Kill this amount of enemies" to "Kill this boss". But narrative isn`t where Anarchy Reigns lives in.

The writing can be hilarious though. the "Blacker" Baron is a stereotypical pimp, Oinkie says repeatedly says bacon whenever he runs. The humor is more like Madworld and Bayonetta. But it isn`t obnoxious. I`ll give Platinum some high marks for making their characters appear like the real-world examples they are based on.

The multiplayer is probably the most fun i had in the genre since UMvC3. Battles are stylish, and require careful sight and prediction of your opponets next move, and using the characters killer weapons never gets old. The multiplayer is huge. Once you select the gametype selection, there is about 10+ game modes to choose from (I pre-ordered it so i got extra modes, so i may be wrong) ranging from a grifball style match called DeathBall, to Cage Match which is just you and your opponet mano e mano (the description), to Battle Royale which is a 16-player free-for-all. There is also Capture The Flag and tag-battle which are my personal favorites. suprisingly, I didn`t encounter lag during these matches, even when I am having a "battle royale" of the whole list of players in the match, and even when Cthulu is trying to murder me, i have never seen any graphic issues. Their are also in match cutscenes from a crashing jet plane to microwave emitters that half the time you don`t know whats going on, but you don`t care.

Overall, good game, better with friends, boring campaign, amazing multiplayer. but the price point of 30$ make it feel like it was worth it. what were you going to get out of a game priced at 30$?


1. Deep combat system

2. Multiplayer has high replay value

3. Multiplayer events like a crashing jet plane, or microwave emitter

4. Game modes distinguish themselves in their own way i.e. Tag battle has team up attacks, DeathBall let`s you throw the ball to teammates


1. Boring campaign

2. Frustrating learning curve

3. Battles can be chaotic that you can`t track everything the other players are doing