I have loved the survival horror genre since Silent Hill 2, but in recent years, its quality started to degrade then it was revived with RE5, L4D, and Dead Space 1 and 2. Then comes Amy, a mixed bundle for a horror game.

First off, I heard about this game from a youtube commentator(theRadBrad) and I was curious. So I spend my 800 Microsoft Points on the game which was a bringer to me because most downloadable games were usually 1200 MP.

The graphics in this game look bland in most areas and the character models look creepy, ESPECIALLY Amy's character model. And sometimes the the game is so dark, I couldnt see where I was going, which was especially painful when I had to go through a door but couldnt find it.

Like the game itself,the gameplay is a mixed bag. The melee combat is less than fantastic shall I say and the objectives you have to do is repetitive. (Example: Walk here, do this, take Amy there, do that, open this, take Amy there). It was frustrating at times, VERY frustrating for me.

The campaign was okay though. It wasnt as invigorating as Dead Space or RE5 but I was willing to get over the problems I stated before just to see what happens next. As long as it remained interesting (for me) I would have to finish the game.

The sound design...is bland. Your hear moans, steam valves, and radiation mesure(whatever they are called) clicks throughout the game. Its EXTREMELY annoying to me.

Overall, this game is a mixed bag as I said, and if I could get over the problems with this game to sit through the campaign, then maybe you can too.