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Among The Sleep

'Among The Sleep' Takes Baby Steps Onto Kickstarter

Krillbite Studios' upcoming game Among the Sleep has one of those "Why hasn't anyone else done this?" concepts. Survival-horror games are at their best when players feel helpless, and they don't get much more helpless than Among the Sleep's player avatar. In the game, you play as a 2-year-old boy, toddling through his house at night as all manner of supernatural events transpire. The developer needs your help finishing the game, and they're turning to Kickstarter.

Because you are a small child, gameplay doesn't focus around combat. Instead, players have to hide from danger. Krillbite says that there will be a few puzzles here and there, but that the focus of the game is to create atmosphere and generate scares. Your character exists within the 3D space, so you'll be able to see your chubby little hands opening drawers and picking up objects, and your pajama-clad feet scurrying down stairs.

The Kickstarter goal is to raise $200,000 and complete the game by Q4 2013.

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  • There was another game that did this, you have to hide, and you are helpless. It was Amnesia: The Dark Decent, that was a great Survival Horror game. Anyways, this looks interesting, I'll keep my eye on it, maybe I will fund it.
  • Sounds rather awesome... InstaKick

  • yea i definitely think that this game took the amnesia's gameplay of hiding and running instead of fighting. "Why hasn't anyone else done this" concept? i have to disagree. The creators of amnesia did it, and all thats different between these two games are the following : setting,main character(protagonist),story. In a game like this, not much else that they can do.Not original at all. it should be "Why hasn't anyone else copied amnesia's concept?" concept.
  • I remember reading about this or seeing this trailer a while ago. Looks fun.

    Edit: Love the comment/quotes section on the Kickstarter page. All these glowing comments about how these journalists and peers anticipate this game, and then -

    "Meh." - YouTube User

    I chuckled.
  • I remember this game from way back buy I thought it had a different name

  • been waiting on another kickstarter that got me excited.

  • The GI writer is saying that the idea of having te main character be a toddler is the unique idea here. It feels like a true plausible reason as to why you are so helpless. The antagonists don't even have to be that extremely terrifying or normally insurmountable for this great scare and tension to be created. For once you can actually see the threat that some things possesses that we normally would not see.

  • Seems like nothing gets done nowadays without Kickstarter
  • Kiddie version of Amnesia perhaps? Either way, looks really interesting. And pretty creepy too!

  • I heard about this game a few months ago on some YouTuber's "scariest games" list. Of course, they only had limited footage, but it still looked fantastic.

  • this game looks interesting, and i do love kickstarter. people helping people they believe in is always a good thing.

  • I'm very interested in this game, I would like to contribute some cash but what's the deal do i get a free copy or a discount of the game? (Still going to donate regardless this Friday).
  • Hopefully they took into account the speculation that babies and toddlers can see things teenagers and adults cannot.

  • This looks awesome, hopefully its properly funded

  • It's taking steps, and that is good.

  • Interesting

  • Oh geez, I'd rather play Amnesia than this. I laughed when I was playing Amnesia because it felt like any other game. But we've all been through this stage of child development and it is *** frightening as hell. There is no scarier time in life as when you don't even know what there is to be afraid of.

  • Love the concept, I think it will be a sleeper hit, even by indie standards.