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Among The Sleep

Among The Sleep Is An Atypical Horror Game

Among the Sleep puts players into the shoes (footie pajamas?) of a two-year old exploring a creepy house, and it looks terrifying.

There aren't any monsters or even any particularly scary supernatural occurrences, but the breathing of the child and the general atmosphere present in the trailer below, makes Among the Sleep a horror title worth keeping an eye on.

Keep an eye out for the game on PC and Mac next year.

[via Joystiq]

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  • that was a baby????

  • this is a very fresh take for video games. It looks awesome so let's hope it's executed well

  • Oh my *** god

  • Very Alfred Hitchcockian in its scare tactics: with a combo of lighting and intense music, it deliver more scares than Resident Evil 5 and without zombies, burn.....

  • Wow, the music at the beginning gave me the chills!! This looks very promising and unique!

  • This already looks terrifying. Everybody knows the feeling of walking in a dark house as a little kid. It's scary! Can't wait to see more!

  • Man, this looks intense. amnesia for 2 year olds? im in

  • This is creepy

  • Amnesia, meet your worst nightmare

  • YESSSS!!! um a big Horror Games fan,

    this is one mt list, but NOT #1

    #1 Resident evil 6 :)

  • wow that looks awesome!

  • that baby needs an M16.

  • Very interesting. I'd like to play this if only for the novelty of playing as a toddler. The creepy atmosphere of what seems to be a haunted house makes it even better.

  • Well that was terrifying

  • A very interesting and refreshing premise for the horror genre. Looks wonderful!

  • It looks interesting, but I have a feeling it will never get finished, or it will get pretty ridiculous/boring by the time it's done.

    I understand the concept, because I'm sure many things can be scary when you're two. The problem is how do you create gameplay around this idea, without ruining the initial concept?

    If it's just a game about creepy imagery, then it should probably be turned into a short film. Otherwise, I really think the kid should be at least five. An older kid can at least do something that can be turned into gameplay. If I'm not mistaken, the toddler in that trailer walks like a toddler.

  • Well theres that

  • SURE LOOKS LIKE A MONSTER TO ME! 0:34 Real or not, that *** freaked me out.
  • God, this seems interesting. Why hasn't this idea been thought of already?

  • Man, if I was this baby I would be wetting my pants every two seconds.