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Among The Sleep

Among The Sleep Is An Atypical Horror Game

Among the Sleep puts players into the shoes (footie pajamas?) of a two-year old exploring a creepy house, and it looks terrifying.

There aren't any monsters or even any particularly scary supernatural occurrences, but the breathing of the child and the general atmosphere present in the trailer below, makes Among the Sleep a horror title worth keeping an eye on.

Keep an eye out for the game on PC and Mac next year.

[via Joystiq]

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  • Well, so much for sleeping now...

  • Yes a true horror game cant wait for this this is a sure buy on my list

  • Looks good.  Can't wait to see more about this.  Thing that bugs me is if the entire game takes place in the house, then how much exploring can you do (exploration/time relevance)?  Not sure if the kid will be revisiting rooms or something similar to it.  Either way, looking to hear more about it in the future.

  • Creepy

  • HaHa sounds interesting.

  • Looks like a prequel to Mirror's Edge.

  • So I guess I'm the only one who feels bad for the tormented 2 year old we'll be playing as? :'(  This reminds me of the bioshock 1 atmosphere the first time I played it, except.. creepier.

  • That looks scary as ****

  • I hate horror movies, but Amnesia was one of my favorite games ever. This definitely looks worth a look.

  • Interesting concept.  I'll definitely keep an eye on this.  I'm guessing it isn't for the motion sick crowd though, that's a lot of camera movement.  

  • interesting concept lets wait n see

  • I would have to disagree with you about the supernatural occurrences Kyle. It does look like there indeed are some form of supernatural phenomena going on, with the figure behind the door, the flickering lights, the kitchen that suddenly gets hit by a shockwave of some sort. Of course some of this could just be a form of subjective mindgames on behalf of the 2-year old protagonist, but the kitchen part in particular seems to indicate some form of real world occurrence going on.

  • Sold. Love the idea & concept behind it. I hate scary & horror stuff but I'm always so drawn to em.
  • Do my eyes deceive me! No Ghost Recon ad!! :)

  • Pretty sure I saw Pumpkinhead

  • This is going to be like some Paranormal Activity ****. Have to keep an eye on long sleep.


  • For some reason, being a father of an 18 month old makes this most definitely a pass for me. It bothers me on a level I can't explain much.

  • That would be great if this came for the Xbox and PS3 even if it was just an arcade game. But looks cool! i like the different take on horror. But depending on how this goes, it could either get real cheesy, or real good.

  • Just watching the trailer made my skin crawl a bit. Looking forward to more