Survival horror has taken a rather silly turn in the last couple of years. While many like Silent Hill stick to the classic formula, Resident Evil has ventured out into the ridiculous. To me, Resident Evil 4 was the last decent Resident Evil game. Spinoffs and movies plague the genre with unnecessary over the top action, bad dialogue and weak mindless stories. Few games retain a level of subtleness, Penumbra and Condemned are a few to name, but Amnesia takes the cake at being quite possibly one of the scariest games ever made.

   Following the formula of Penumbra, Amnesia stays true to it's adventure origins, placing the player in a dilapidated castle in the middle of the Victorian era. From the gloomy grays to sheer darkness, Amnesia establishes the atmosphere to the tee. From exploring corridors and empty chambers there is a strong sense of mystery at every corner. Guided only by faded memories and a lantern, the player ventures off into the unknown with danger lurking at every corner.

   Graphically speaking, this is not the prettiest looking game, but the environments are well established and formulated. Character models look pretty good for a independent developer game. Detail is not suppressed in these dark halls; everything put into this game has reason, and the tone is phenomenal.

   The music ranges from hauntingly ambient to in your face terror. Silence also occupies majority of the game. Much like minimalism did for "Paranormal Activity", the silence makes things uneasy and keeps you constantly on edge. Being absolutely defenseless in the game makes the loud bursts of music all the more horrifying.

   Running more like a adventure game will leave many gore fans out in the dark, much like "Saw" fans versus "Shining" fans the concept of horror is polarizing, but those patient enough to rom through the game have something amazing waiting for them. Very much a recommendation.