This game is the benchmark for what horror in gaming should be. Immersing the player in it's dark and often terrifying atmosphere, Amnesia not only surpasses all other horror games in sheer scares, it excels at it. You awaken to discover that your memory has been lost in what seems to be a haunted old castle. As you journey through the game you solve puzzles and unlock clues to your forgotten past all while avoiding a dark force that is hellbent on killing you. Throughout the entire game your character slips in and out of insanity, thus causing him to hallucinate. A truly unforgettable experience in which the player is allotted no weapons of any kind to use against enemies. In Amnesia your wits are your weapon. Which is the biggest reason why the game is scary without weapons you often have to resort to evasion and stealth. It's Challenging puzzles which are solved in a very realistic manner I might add, will keep you stumped, and its atmosphere will keep your heart pumping. Graphics wise it looks much like Oblivion but with better lighting and an impressive physics engine. The sound is incredible and the voice acting is excellent! The story is also top notch and overall very well written. I however, must point out my two issues with this game. Number one is it's length, it is an extremely short game it will take a first timer about 6-8 hours to beat while someone playing through a second time can have it beat in as little as 3 hours. Second is that the final confrontation was plain disappointing! I won't spoil it for you guys who have not played it but, the game sets you up for this huge confrontation and it ends up being in all honesty just gay purely gay! That aside the game is top notch, the best of the best, and a must play for any gamer looking for a scary as hell game that requires more than half a brain to beat.