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you guys put the replay value low, just saying

  • How is that a mistake...?

  • So what every game should be high because I don't think some games deserve high re-playability.

  • yeah, b/c the replay value is low...

    the scenes are scripted, and if you already know what is going to happen than it isn't fun. They are right to say that there is low replay value, but the game is still awesome.

  • Doesn't a low replay value indicate the game isn't worth finishing? That's certainly not true of Amnesia. I'd get a score of "Moderately Low", sure, but Low is a tad harsh.

    Then again, I'm sure these scores aren't definite. It's clear from the review that he simply means there is no reason to replay.
  • I found this game on accident and played through it.  As someone who's never liked horror movies and only liked Silent Hill and Alone in the Dark enough to pick up a few titles, I have to say, this is one of the best horror games to date.  The first night I played it, I attempted to play through it with the lights off and the sound system on and volume up.  Big mistake!

    What makes it so scary are the sounds coupled with the shifting environment and background story.  The music that picks up when you see a monster, holy crap, nerve-wracking.  You know in movies when the protagonists are running from something bad and they say "DON'T TURN AROUND, JUST RUN"?  In other games, I felt safe enough to turn around just to see what was chasing me.  In this game, I ran and I didn't dare turn around!

    I experience pure terror in this game and most of it, probably self inflicted.  BUT I LIKE IT!

    Thank you, GameInformer, for taking the time to give this game a proper review as it's not widely known.  For an Indie game, I think this one borders on one of the greats and despite the "low replay" given to it, I find it fun to play through it if nothing more than to scare the crap out of me, something movies only seem to do with cheap tactics.

  • I guess he put the replay value low because unless you have nerves of steel, you will be to scared to finish it. Idk, just a guess.