Increasing Your Bonus
If the handler likes you your bonus will rise, the opposite is true as well: if the handler dislikes you your bonus will drop.
Refill Your Endurance Bar

Inventory Screen

Go to the inventory screen and re-equip your armor highlight armor, and press A this will give yourself a full endurance bar. This works an infinite amount of times.
 Special weapons
Gold Plated Assault Rifle: Sneak up on Al Samad Lieutenant without any alarms being sounded

Gold Plated Sub Machinegun: Assassinate Brajka
Operation True Heirs (75 points): Complete Operation True Heirs.

Basic Training (50 points): Complete the Training Mission.

Alpha Protocol (75 points): Complete Operation Desert Spear.

Operation Blood Feud (75 points): Complete Operation Blood Feud.

Operation Deus Vult (75 points): Complete Operation Deus Vult.

Full Circle (125 points): Complete Alpha Protocol.

Hardcore (25 points): Complete Alpha Protocol on Hard difficulty setting.

Evolution of an Action Hero (10 points): Complete the Alpha Protocol using the Recruit background.

Desert Spear (25 points): Assassinate Sheikh Shaheed.

Ask Questions First, Shoot Later (15 points): Refrain from killing in cold blood.

Judge, Jury, and Executioner (15 points): Let your gun do the talking.

Thorton, Inc. (10 points): Turn all your enemies into allies in one single career.

Ladies' Man (10 points): Romance all the ladies in Alpha Protocol in a single career.

No Time For Love (20 points): Complete the game without being seduced.

Hard to Read (10 points): Use each stance at least 25% across 90 dialogue stance choices.

Social Butterfly (10 points): Gain Liked reputation status of 3 people (who must all Like you at the same time):.

Antisocial (10 points): Get 3 people to hate you (who must all hate you at the same time):.

Ready For Anything (5 points): Acquire the vast majority of Intel available in the game.

Pistol Mastery (5 points): Score 100 Critical Hits with the Pistol.

SMG Havoc (5 points): Achieve the maximum SMG Critical Hit Multiplier 7 times in your career.

Shotgun Crowd Control (5 points): Score 100 Critical Hits with the Shotgun.

Assault Rifle Marksmanship (5 points): Score 100 head shots with the Assault Rifle.

Black Belt (5 points): Defeat 50 enemies with CQC.

Lurker (5 points): Evade or Takedown 75 enemies across your career.

One With The Shadows (5 points): Complete 3 missions with less than 5 kills and with no enemies alerted to your presence.

Technophile (5 points): Complete 5 missions wherein 6 different gadgets are used.

Building a Deadlier Mousetrap (5 points): Have 100 placed devices detonate.

Breaking and Entering (5 points): Pick 10 locks.

Circuit Breaker (5 points): Bypass 20 electronic devices.

Data Theft (5 points): Hack 10 computers.

Secret Achievements

Friends Before Strangers (25 points): You saved Madison Saint James from certain death.

Hard Choices (25 points): The Roman History Museum is safe, thanks to your efforts.

Keeping the Peace (25 points): You prevented a riot from killing hundreds in Taipei.

Secret Service (25 points): You prevented the assassination of President Ronald Sung.

Stay of Execution (25 points): You allowed Sheikh Shaheed to live.

No Compromise, No Mercy (25 points): Choosing your own path, you put an end to Halbech and Alpha Protocol.

Savage Love (5 points): You gained the affection of SIE and allowed her to consummate her lust.

Exclusive Interview (5 points): You and Scarlet Lake had a romantic trist.

Crime Buster (25 points): You reconciled with Alpha Protocol and put Halbech out of business.

Rising Star (25 points): You joined Halbech and put an end to Alpha Protocol.

Price For Lying (5 points): You killed Surkov for lying to you.

Russian Alliance (5 points): You forged a partnership with Sergei Surkov.

A Price On Mercy (25 points): You spared Konstantin Brayko.

One Less Gangster (25 points): Konstantin Brayko is dead by your hand.

Youth Trumps Experience (5 points): By carefully pushing his buttons, you provoked Marburg into fighting to the death.

Respected Enemies (5 points): You gained Marburg's respect and bested him in battle.

Never Trust A Sociopath (5 points): You successfully alienated "secret agent" Steven Heck.

A Plot Uncovered (5 points): You discovered the identity of Sung's assassin.

Office Romance (5 points): Your working relationship with Mina Tang turned into something more.

Rome-ance (5 points): You became more than friends with Madison Saint James.