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Alpha Protocol Blog Guidelines
  • Despite the criticism, I found it interesting

    A Quick Foreword Before I share my experience with Alpha Protocol, I feel any readers should know that I played the game blind and unbiased of any criticism. I was at my local Gamestop sifting through the pre-owned games when I came across Alpha Protocol... More
  • Misunderstood Masterpiece

    This review was done on the 360 it can also be brought on the PS3 and PC. Alpha Protocol is an amazing game. Obsidian have taken the best elements of a lot of my favorite games and blended them into a gem every gamer should try. The game has taken the... More
  • REVIEW: Alpha Protocol

    To me Sega and Obsidian Entertainment's Alpha Protocol is a complicated creature. On one hand I have to give it props for originality. In today's video game industry originality is something akin to ambition. It goes out on a limb and actually... More
  • A unique concept with some poor execution

    In the games industry, there is a saying that goes "the difference between a good game and a great one is that extra 10%". In the case of Alpha Protocol, it's a game that has so much potential and talent behind it (in the form of RPG master... More
  • It's Better Than Torture... - Retro-Review of Alpha Protocol

    Spies make up some of the best action heroes of all time. They also range the gambit from the suave, sophisticated ladies man that is James Bond (Connery edition), to the smart, plotting gadget whiz that is Ethan Hunt, to the improvisational expert that... More
  • Alpha Protocol review

    Alpha Protocol is an Obsidian developed and Sega published game. Labelled as an espionage RPG, Alpha Protocol tries to blend skill based RPG system with a spy story. This is not the typical "AAA" game with sky high budgets. Which unfortunately... More
  • Alpha Protocol - A JV Superspy on a Thrilling Adventure

    Michael Thorton is not the most interesting secret agent of all time. Jason Bourne and Jack Bauer would run circles around him, and James Bond would simply make a snide remark his way while sipping a martini. Despite having a flawed protagonist, among... More
  • what happened?

    Good story, and good concept, but what was the delay for? The gameplay was crap, and the graphics was ps one. I really wanted to play the game, but I guess i was wrong. More
  • A nice spy tale...

    This was a great game right from the start that has some small flaws but they can be overlooked if you stay with the awesome story. You choose everything, right from the get go and everything you will do you'll see later on if it was the right call... More
  • Beta Protocol

    I would disagree with most by saying that this was a good game. I would agree by saying that it had alot of wasted potential. More
  • Some issues but amazing

    This is by far one of my favorite games of 2010! The RPG elements are absolutely amazing!! There are some things that could have been changed to make it better (Graphics, Some issues with shooting, and bugs) But it is an over all amazing and very satisfying... More
  • Why can't games we wait so long for live up to the hype?

    Ok. Let's start with the good parts of the game. It's got an interesting premise and the prospect of something new caused me to give this game a chance, even in spite of the negative reviews that it received. Well it turns out that the game did... More
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