Ok. Let's start with the good parts of the game. It's got an interesting premise and the prospect of something new caused me to give this game a chance, even in spite of the negative reviews that it received. Well it turns out that the game did not fail to impress with the innovation, but it failed to impress with virtually everything else. The graphics were not as good as they could have been, the gameplay is glitchy and frustrating, and the enemy AI is weak and predictable. Combine that with the fact that if you are a master of melee combat and have high enough durabilty, the game basically plays itself since you can kill most enemies and bosses by beating them to death in a matter of a few punches. The character appearance customization is lame and most of the guns in the game are terrible (hence the melee master comment from earlier). Also, you have to play a mini game when you want to hack/pick a lock (which you must do frequently unless you purchase an inordinate number of EMP charges...) and you can only take crouching cover against the wall in a select few places that the game allows it. Some of the characters are amusing and entertaining and the story is above average, but even in spite of these things, the flaws are simply too many to be overcome. If they make any more of these, lets cross our fingers and hope that they correct these obnoxious (and easily rectified) glitches and flaws that mar a game with some serious potential.