It's sad that this game was obviously tested on consoles. I have this game on the PC I have completed it twice, and have experienced very VERY few glitches of any kind, all of which were light missing textures. The characters are very engaging and the conversation system is fun and innovative. The only problems are some terrible fake-accents and graphics from 2007, but I could care less about things that don't effect the gameplay.

The levels have come in for a little criticism due to their small size, clutter and linearity. To be honest though it's actually a good thing. Missions are, in my opinion, long enough to be satisfying without getting dull or repetative, and the clutter is there for a reason. There's a couple of set pieces in the longer missions to keep things going, and the checkpoint save system sensibly chops them up to minimise having to repeat what you've already played.

This game, in many respects, feels like a spiritual successor to Deus Ex. This is partly because the phrase Deus Volt becomes prominent at one point.

All in all, a good game. Just Remember folks, the PC port of a game will always be more fun, long-lasting, and less buggy than it's cheap-300$-lol-ghetto console counterparts.

I almost think that GI never played past the tutorial or that they failed to realize that weapon points add accuracy not just damage. And that, of course, they played on the consoles.