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New Aliens game looks OK but... not good enough.

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  • First of all why does the soldier move so f"ing slow?  Is he magnetized to the floor?  The characters need to be able to step quickly even when they aren't running.  This isn't a picknic you're on, it's a mission with xeno's attacking so pick up your feet soldier and MOVE!!!!  When the first Xeno hit him in the map room there was a small red blotch at the top of the screen.  Was that you're hit detection damage icon?  It wasn't very impressive.  It's like a child made that image in paint after watching a Gears of War game.  Try again, please.  When they started shooting the Aliens I was even more distressed.  It took multiple rounds of a shotgun to kill one at close range and there wasn't any damage visible to the alien nor did the spilled acid blood disolve any part of anything or burn the marine.  Even when the narrator said to watch out for the blood there wasn't any real threat.  The aliens should be ripped apart and the blood spray should burn into anything it lands on.  Try using a better graphics engine and push this off till it looks better.  I also noticed durning the last battle that a few aliens ran past the character.  Why?  Any real alien xeno would have taken a swip or tail jab at someone so close.  They may try to hype this up but i'm not buying into it till I see some real improvements and truly great gameplay.  I was already burned by the AvP game and it won't happen again. 




  • You haven't played the game.


  • Aliens: Colonial Marines is not just about game play but it is continuing the story after the second alien Movie: Aliens. People like me don’t just care about how people or how confusing the HUD is. You haven’t even played the game. You should not judge a game3 in that matter.

  • This shows you have no respect for Aliens. I hope you get jumped by a facehugger.

  • I have been waiting for a legit Aliens game for years and here is the chance to redeem the crappy AVP game. You cant judge games that are not even out yet, they are just trying to promote this game that has been in development far to long.

  • I knew it!  This game came out of the gate at a dead flop!  Everything I saw in the trailers and gameplay demo were never fixed.  What a shame.  I wanted to be wrong about this but I was so right.  I love all the "you havent played the game" comments.  I was judging it all on the videos they provided and it all looked bad.  If you couldnt see it then your not paying attention.  I love the Alien films and hope some day a respectable developer can make a game worthy of our time and money.



  • Sean, I almost canceled my pre-order  of the game because of the bad reviews, and some of the video comparisons I had seen between what was being shown before when Gearbox was actually developing this, and then what happened afterward when they outsourced remaining development to TimeGate...a studio with a less than stellar record.   Believe me, I was very close to cancelling my pre-order.  But, by the time I'd seen all this stuff, it was too late.    So, I had to cross my fingers and hope that maybe they'd gotten something right.   (As I've stated in my own review, and in a few replies to other reviewers...one of the life lessons I've lately learned is "When Randy Pitchford says he's excited about a game that GearBox is developing....caveat emptor (buyer beware)."  (This was so with Duke Nukem Forever...and I was scared that it was going to be so with A:CM...since GearBox only seems to fully focus on Borderlands, and outsource everything else to lesser developers).  My big hope was that if I could at least enjoy this game as much as I enjoyed Rebellion's ALIEN Vs PREDATOR for PS3, I would be happy.  (Yeah, I actually did enjoy AvP..at least the single player portion of it for all three campaigns.)    Well, my hopes were answered.   This game is actually pretty fun.   I am on my third playthrough with all my tricked out weapons.   The graphics problems were fixed....no more pop ups or sudden draw ins.    If anything, Sean, at least give it a rental.   The campaign is short enough that you can finish the game in a few hours.   If you don't like the game then, well, you've only lost a couple of bucks instead of the 60-100 bucks you could've felt wasted for having actually bought it.  :)

  • I actually did rent this game a while back just to see how it really played out.  I'm glad most of the issues were fixed, but it wasn't in my playthrough.  None of my weapon upgrades ever showed up in gameplay.  Bullets did not pass through doorways.  There were a myriad of issues that just ruined this game and I'm stil hapy I didnt purchase it.



  • I hear ya.  My  PS3 experience was decent, but I do remember even when I bought it, there was already an update available for the game.  (Usually the case with about every PS3 game I buy, even if I get it on launch day, there's some kind of update already out for that title.)

     I actually played through it 5 times, and the weapon upgrades did seem to work...except for silencers.   It seemed like they contributed nothing other than an auditory effect.  Otherwise, they in no way aided in any stealth attacks.   You could shoot a WY soldier who was a considerable distance away from his cohorts, and even with one silenced shot, all those distant troopers came running....so it was run and gun, no matter what.

       My favorite sequence in the game is sneaking past the boiler xenos...and on my first playthrough, I made it through without a death....but then it became old hat afterward.

       Overall, I'm still very disappointed in the game, and I have only made one more pre-order....for Naughty Dog's "The Last of Us"  (A friend of mine who works at GameStop said he got to play a demo and said "If you liked Uncharted series, you're going to love The Last of Us".  So, I feel justified in that pre-order...but beyond that, no matter how much swag companies offer, I'm not pre-ordering anything anymore.

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