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Stop bashing

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  • I had this game pre-ordered for a couple weeks now and it was worth it. I don't understand why they give games that are fun and enjoyable horrible reviews. Is it because they didn't pay you like activision probably did for call of duty? This game is really fun, the weapons are exactly what i expected, the customization is something i didn't expect but applaud, and the scare moments have me in danger of heart problems. They did the same thing to this game that they did to LOTR: conquest i played the hell out of that game because it was fun. Just because a game has a few flaws doesnt mean you need to completely bash the game so that thousands of Alien fans will skip over it. Seriously i'm gonna start burning your stupid magazines. The only purpose they serve now is info about upcoming games. Your company's opinion is no longer respected in the gaming community and i speak for all of my friends and probably most of the gamers i would ask.

  • Thank you. They also got their accessibility features wrong. There IS a color blind mode, multiple difficulty setting, captions, and a bunch of other options. I'm completely disregarding Game Informer's opinion on this game.

  • Also, there was a huge update for Aliens Colonial Marines that fixed a lot of the bugs in the game that it was being bashed for, I am not trusting game reviews anymore because I have started to realize that they are biased towards big games.

  • Yeah. And the thing is, user ratings actually tend to be pretty high. They are comparitively much higher than those given by the game reviewers. I trust regular people who play the game and review it honestly more than I do people who get paid to review things. RABBLE RABBLE RABBLE!

  • *** Gearbox. How on earth did they manage to turn my biggest phobia into something laughable. I mean it is impossible to laugh at xenomorphs but they do. This is worse then rezzerectio

  • I'm on my third playthrough with A:CM, and still enjoy it, especially with my tricked out weapons.   I enjoy this about as much as I enjoyed Rebellion's ALIEN vs PREDATOR for PS3....so it's pretty fun.   Love the story too.

  • If we're having a discussion titled, "Stop bashing", then perhaps we shouldn't be bashing anything, whether game or informer. Just a thought.

  • If anyone wants to play this on Xbox add me GT: I am DJ Drama

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