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  • Sean, I almost canceled my pre-order  of the game because of the bad reviews, and some of the video comparisons I had seen between what was being shown before when Gearbox was actually developing this, and then what happened afterward when they outsourced remaining development to TimeGate...a studio with a less than stellar record.   Believe me, I was very close to cancelling my pre-order.  But, by the time I'd seen all this stuff, it was too late.    So, I had to cross my fingers and hope that maybe they'd gotten something right.   (As I've stated in my own review, and in a few replies to other reviewers...one of the life lessons I've lately learned is "When Randy Pitchford says he's excited about a game that GearBox is developing....caveat emptor (buyer beware)."  (This was so with Duke Nukem Forever...and I was scared that it was going to be so with A:CM...since GearBox only seems to fully focus on Borderlands, and outsource everything else to lesser developers).  My big hope was that if I could at least enjoy this game as much as I enjoyed Rebellion's ALIEN Vs PREDATOR for PS3, I would be happy.  (Yeah, I actually did enjoy AvP..at least the single player portion of it for all three campaigns.)    Well, my hopes were answered.   This game is actually pretty fun.   I am on my third playthrough with all my tricked out weapons.   The graphics problems were fixed....no more pop ups or sudden draw ins.    If anything, Sean, at least give it a rental.   The campaign is short enough that you can finish the game in a few hours.   If you don't like the game then, well, you've only lost a couple of bucks instead of the 60-100 bucks you could've felt wasted for having actually bought it.  :)