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  • I really hope sega put's up a demo soon so gamer's can decide for themselves if this game is worth purchasing...there is a huge update when you first load the game that clean's up a lot of stuff, they have a breakdown on sega's website about it.I bought the game and I'm a huge alien's fan and I love the game I'm from the era when this series was spawned and I have to sit here and look at all these stupid unfair review's of what I think is the best alien's game out ever.I'm not saying it is perfect there is room for improvement but if your a true alien's fan i think your missing out if you don't grab this game.when you give a game a 4 it's not even playable it's broken the controls don't work, the graphics are down right horrible.This game is none of that,no it doesn't look as good as gears of war or halo but the graphics are good enough,it contol's just fine,the story is decent,you don't have to agree with the way the whole story is but it's not that bad.yes the AI marine's in the game are a bit off at time's as far as there reaction's to what's going on,I saw in someone's review that they complained about how the alien's would run past your marine mate's and try to get to you ,this is true it doesnt happen all the time but it does happen a lot.BUT BUT no one ever complained about that in the call of duty game's cause most of the enemy fire is focused on you rather than anyone helping you but it's call of duty they can get away with that(phiff).Anyway if your a aliens fan and not some nit picky gamer that has to have a AAA title(ALIENS game didnt have a AAA budget) all the time then I don't know what to tell ya but if your a gamer that can just sit back enjoy a game and doesn't need all the latest bells and whistles and can just play a FPS without it needing to be halo or call of duty then give this game a shot. its a standard FPS with ALIENS clothing,hell I'M  A GAMER AND I LOVE ALIENS SO I'M ALL IN.....NO less than a 7 grade IMO.