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  • First of all why does the soldier move so f"ing slow?  Is he magnetized to the floor?  The characters need to be able to step quickly even when they aren't running.  This isn't a picknic you're on, it's a mission with xeno's attacking so pick up your feet soldier and MOVE!!!!  When the first Xeno hit him in the map room there was a small red blotch at the top of the screen.  Was that you're hit detection damage icon?  It wasn't very impressive.  It's like a child made that image in paint after watching a Gears of War game.  Try again, please.  When they started shooting the Aliens I was even more distressed.  It took multiple rounds of a shotgun to kill one at close range and there wasn't any damage visible to the alien nor did the spilled acid blood disolve any part of anything or burn the marine.  Even when the narrator said to watch out for the blood there wasn't any real threat.  The aliens should be ripped apart and the blood spray should burn into anything it lands on.  Try using a better graphics engine and push this off till it looks better.  I also noticed durning the last battle that a few aliens ran past the character.  Why?  Any real alien xeno would have taken a swip or tail jab at someone so close.  They may try to hype this up but i'm not buying into it till I see some real improvements and truly great gameplay.  I was already burned by the AvP game and it won't happen again.