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Aliens: Colonial Marines

Sega Officially Announces Colonial Marines' Season Pass

Sega has officially announced that Aliens: Colonial Marines is getting the season-pass treatment, which will include four post-release add-ons for the game. The first download is a mode called bug hunt, a wave-based challenge that includes three new maps.

The season pass will cost $29.99, or 2,400 Microsoft Points, which Sega says is 40-percent off what you'd pay if you bought it all individually. The first batch of DLC is bug hunt, a mode where players have to survive wave after wave of unrelenting enemies. The vanilla game includes four multiplayer modes, including team deathmatch, escape, survivor, and extermination. 

Check out this recent trailer for another look at the game's xenomorphs in action.

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  • People must be buying these season passes at $30 a pop if game makers keep making them.  Unfortunately, they look like there the industry standard.  To each their own but I for one am not a fan.

  • $75 worth of DLC? By that logic, there better be more content between the four packs than there is in the game, $15 worth more. Pretty soon you will buy Call of Duty for $60 and it will just get you the multiplayer for one year. After that one year, if you want to still be able to play the multiplayer of that version it will cost you another $20. Want the single player? $40 more please. Playing games used to just be fun, now you need a second job and have to study about all the pricing models and exclusive pre-order content. Its lost the magic.

  • I won't be getting this DLC for one simple reason: Gearbox hasn't delivered on Borderlands 2 DLC... And now Pitchford is saying they're not even going to raise the level cap now? Really p••••d off at Gearbox right now. If this game sucks, GB has lost a customer:(

  • But is it worth it? Hmm...

  • I'm quite reluctant about purchasing this game, but if it's actually good, I'll probably pick it up in April or May.
  • I want this to be good. I expect it to suck,the videos don't look good.

  • Don't tell me they have been working on this game for 6+ years and didn't have time to implement a horde mode until the last couple months of development? Sounds fishy to me. If any game should ship with a horde mode in the box, its an Aliens game. In any case I certainly wont be buying it.
  • FOUL!
    yes, i cried foul and i'm going to purchase this game.
    we have all seen games come out with more then this is offering at the beginning.
    the last few years of DLC is what used to be some what included in games.
    i know we're all hurting in this economy but really?, taking things out of our games that were included and then charging us extra for them. I can see some of whats been created for DLC is worth the cost, but not nearly what we're paying for and what we're getting.
    i will most likely even pay for the the DLC if the game is really fun, because there is no other way of getting it.

    the 'game' has changed, it's a business after all.

  • Ill buy the pass after I play the game. Im hoping it comes out good and I have faith in gearbox but Aliens is a really hard thing to pull off, I imagine something like left 4 dead crossed with deadspace maybe?
  • I'm pretty sure you should focus on making a game that people want to buy before your focus turns to season pass content...