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Aliens: Colonial Marines

Sega Officially Announces Colonial Marines' Season Pass

Sega has officially announced that Aliens: Colonial Marines is getting the season-pass treatment, which will include four post-release add-ons for the game. The first download is a mode called bug hunt, a wave-based challenge that includes three new maps.

The season pass will cost $29.99, or 2,400 Microsoft Points, which Sega says is 40-percent off what you'd pay if you bought it all individually. The first batch of DLC is bug hunt, a mode where players have to survive wave after wave of unrelenting enemies. The vanilla game includes four multiplayer modes, including team deathmatch, escape, survivor, and extermination. 

Check out this recent trailer for another look at the game's xenomorphs in action.

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  • Please be a good game!!!
  • Gosh I hope this game is awesome! If so, I'll purchase the season pass.

  • Is there a review to be posted before Tuesday?
  • I don't know much about survivor, so it may be what I'm thinking of, but I want to see the movie character skins used in the ship, struggling to survive waves upon waves of aliens. And of course, you'd be able to keep some npc's alive for extra points, like Hicks, who constantly screams, "Game over, man!" And if someone gets a certain number of kills/points/time survived, they get to use Ripley and go all god mode. I think it would work.
  • Already pre-ordered this for my PC. Can't wait to play it.

  • Yeah, going to need more info about the DLC before I consider throwing down 30 bucks on the possibility I won't like any of them.

  • I am so sick of this new season pass thing that all these games are doing...
  • Really hope this is the Aliens game we've been waiting for.
  • I really hope all the DLC isn't just gonna be multiplayer and horde mode. The singleplayer looks amazing and I hope they add onto it with extra chapters.

  • I'm really hoping this is a good game. With Gearbox's track record, I'm thinking it will be.
  • geez, games are $90 now. Just the basic games don't have near the amount of modes they used to
  • I love it when publishers make a hard push to presell their DLC. What if the game is a disaster? I certainly wouldn't want to buy DLC for a game I don't enjoy playing.
  • I so hope this is a good game. Really waiting for the Wii U version. And Jeff, don't call any game vanilla anymore. It came off wrong at first but I know what you ment.
  • Booooo
  • Something about droping 60 bucks for a new game in this generation still bother me even if I know development cost and general inflation of the dollars is natural in the economy, but....if we start going down this path of spending another 10 20 30 dollars for "extra content" which in some cases u can argue it should of been part of the original. When does it stop? Tru cost of a game is now 90? If of course you want entire experience and not get treated like a second class customer.
  • I am very nervous that this game won't turn out good.

  • I reserved mine because of new customizations, weapons, maps and modes.  It's excellent!

  • I think this game will be pretty good. They've delayed this game for so long that it would be pretty stupid of them to release something that sucks.
  • I remember when gearbox's first DLC was  Half-Life Opposing Force for valve and that was $30 and basically a full game. I miss expansion packs, you get so much more value out of them. Not being ripped off from these DLC's nowadays. They really need to bring back expansion packs for games,

  • is aliens out now?

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