I am an Aliens fan, I love the Alien and AvP films. When this game was first announced, I was really excited for it, really! Than I got the game and... *sigh* this game is a total nightmare.

Okay, at first I liked it, the beginning that is, but as I continued I kept asking myself, "Why does this game even exist?!". The story is, by far, the worst story ever made in years! Its filled with a bunch of plot holes and cheesy as hell one-liners, which can range from stupid to plain awful. The characters are emotionless, brain-dead target dummies. The A.I. that controls your allies and enemies are freaking retarded. Xenos just pop out of no where and straight at you, unaware that you have a shotgun pointed at their face. The final battle at the end of it all is just... *sigh*.

The games graphics are an unfinished, dull, smeared on, ugly mess. They look as if they were meant for the PS2 and not the PS3. The atmosphere of the game is okay, but its not enough. Pop-ups and screen tears are constant and annoying, especially for this generation of gaming. Seriously, the graphics for AvP (2010) look better than this game! The way you pick up ammo is also retarded! "Gearbox, this isn't Borderlands you know." Not only that, there's too much ammo in the game, which takes away the 'fear' and 'suspense' the game desperately needed. In other words, the game is not scary, fun, nor exciting in anyway possible. It makes Alien 3 look like a good movie.

The Multiplayer is just as bad as the Singleplayer. You get to play as either a Marine or Xeno in MP, but it really doesn't work. Reason? Because the Marine team have all these overpowered weapons to shoot from afar and motion trackers to find them, while the Xeno team has to get close to enemy just to do damage to them. Xeno controls can be either clunky or broken, however it works, its going to be annoying as hell. The only game mode that actually is fun is "Escape", but its hard to find anyone playing that mode 'cause there are only two maps for that mode.

This game is just a waste of time from beginning to end! There is no reason to buy or even rent this game. The only thing this game actually succeeded in, was ruining the Alien franchise! True sequel to the Aliens film my a**!