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  • Blog Post: Not The Kind Of Bug Hunt We Were Looking For

    All the parts were there. Five years ago, Sega announced that Gearbox was going to develop an FPS based on the Aliens franchise. The studio had demonstrated its chops through the Brothers in Arms series. Not only that, but Aliens: Colonial Marines had Fox’s blessing to tell a canonical story that... More
  • Blog Post: Sega Officially Announces Colonial Marines' Season Pass

    Sega has officially announced that Aliens: Colonial Marines is getting the season-pass treatment, which will include four post-release add-ons for the game. The first download is a mode called bug hunt, a wave-based challenge that includes three new maps. The season pass will cost $29.99, or 2,400 Microsoft... More
  • Blog Post: Aliens: Colonial Marines' Close Encounters Of The Violent Kind

    Humans look forward to the day when we have contact with an alien species, but this is probably not what anyone has in mind. Sega and Gearbox Software's newest trailer for Aliens: Colonial Marines is actually an extended cut of an already released trailer, but it's worth seeing again. Aliens... More
  • Blog Post: Tactical Trailer Highlights Special Alien Types

    Nobody at Gearbox played any Left 4 Dead, no sir. Just when you thought xenomorphs were bad enough, new types show up that spit acid, blow up when you shoot them, and resist tons of damage while charging your group and laying waste with brutal melee attacks. Aliens: Colonial Marines comes out on Xbox... More
  • Blog Post: Colonial Marines Bring The Talk In New Aliens Trailer

    Sega has released a new trailer for Aliens: Colonial Marines that shows off some action narrated by a rousing speech. It's almost enough to make you want to head over to enlist and go through space boot camp. There's plenty of action to accompany the talk, including shots of xenomorphs getting... More
  • Blog Post: New Aliens: Colonial Marines Video Takes You Inside The Hive

    Gearbox Software's interpretation of the Alien hive is spot on: Eggs are scattered across the floor, humans are strung up in gooey sacks on the walls, and for whatever reason, this high-tech spaceship has a rusty fan with a flashing red light behind it. Check out the video below to see Aliens: Colonial... More
  • Blog Post: Killing Machines Scurry In Aliens: Colonial Marines Story Trailer

    "Right now, we're worried about what's killing our marines in there. This is a liquid situation. In about 30 seconds, that horizon is going to turn black, as the most dangerous killing machines in the universe rise up over it." Wait a second... Predators are in this game? Jokes aside... More
  • Blog Post: New Aliens: Colonial Marines Video Takes You Inside Hadley's Hope

    Gearbox Software's Aliens: Colonial Marines's latest trailer gives you a glimpse into Hadley's Hope, a human colony featured in the movie Aliens . For its return in Colonial Marines, the interior is in absolute disarray as it's "structurally unstable." Obviously, nothing pretty... More
  • Blog Post: Your Team Will Die In Survivor Mode

    Survival has been a theme of the Alien films since the first adorable facehugger popped out of its egg. Aliens: Colonial Marines has an appropriately themed multiplayer mode, which Sega has revealed through a new trailer. Survivor pits four Colonial Marines against unrelenting waves of xenomorphs. It's... More
  • Blog Post: Gearbox Offers Two Aliens: Colonial Marines Screen

    It's not much, but there is a Xenomorph and some a couple of marines, so technically it showcases everything implied by the game's title. So, uh, here you go! Take a gander! Aliens: Colonial Marines releases February 12 on PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, and PC. More
  • Blog Post: Aliens: Colonial Marines Pre-Order Brings Back Iconic Marines

    Sega has just released a new trailer celebrating some of Aliens ' finest marines. The pre-order campaign at GameStop lets you play online as Hudson, Hicks, Apone, and Drake from the Aliens movie in multiplayer (no Vasquez?!), and also lets you get your hands on Ripley's flamethrower and other... More
  • Blog Post: Holding My Own In Escape Mode

    The film Aliens is all about a crew of space marines trying to survive against packs of deadly extraterrestrials. There’s no climactic scene of total empowerment – survival is earned through blood and sacrifice. Escape mode in Aliens: Colonial Marines taps into the struggle to survive a gauntlet... More
  • Blog Post: Aliens: Colonial Marines Behind The Scenes Featurette Talks About Creating Tension

    The latest developer documentary behind Aliens: Colonial Marines talks about creating tension, and features some of the most dramatic glasses removal and placement ever caught on film. Aliens: Colonial Marines released February 12. More
  • Blog Post: Gearbox Provides Another Behind-The-Scenes Look At Colonial Marines

    Gearbox has released the second part of its behind-the-scenes look at Aliens: Colonial Marines. In the latest video, the studio explores the iconic xenomorph enemies, weapons, and more. In the clip below, the team explains how they wanted to show new xenomorph types and delve into aspects of the Aliens... More
  • Blog Post: Behind The Scenes With Aliens: Colonial Marines

    Ridley Scott's Alien franchise is beloved among movie, video game, and sci-fi fans, therefore Aliens: Colonial Marines developer Gearbox Software knows it has to get every detail right. Check out the team and the game's progress in this behind-the-scenes video with the developer. In the video... More
  • Blog Post: My Brutal Life As A Marine In Aliens: Colonial Marines

    Gearbox, the creator of Borderlands, wants you to experience the terror of being a space marine facing off against a horde of xenomorphs. I got my hands on Aliens: Colonial Marines’ multiplayer this week at E3 2012, strapping on the blood-soaked and unlucky boots of a doomed soldier. Gearbox isn’t... More
  • Blog Post: The 11-Minute E3 Demo For Aliens: Colonial Marines

    Randy Pitchford, CEO and president of Gearbox Software, walks viewers through the E3 demo of Aliens: Colonial Marines. Aliens: Colonial Marines is slated for 2012, but you can get a glimpse of what to expect in this video. Watch a group of marines explore Hadley's Hope before getting torn apart by... More
  • Blog Post: The Alien Queen In Colonial Marines Terrified Us

    We peered into the dark halls and walked down the creaky metal floorboard of Gearbox’s upcoming Aliens game. Somehow we’re still alive to tell the tale. After the events of Alien 3, a search and rescue team is sent out to investigate the state of the U.S.S. Sulaco and the missing marines... More
  • Blog Post: New Aliens: Colonial Marines Trailer Leaks On YouTube

    I need to get my hands on Aliens: Colonial Marines. Each time I see it, Gearbox ups the intensity and finds new ways for humanity to die in horribly painful ways. The new trailer for the game, which turned up on Robstahhh's YouTube account , paints a bleak future for the humans tasked with ending... More
  • Blog Post: From Out Of The Shadows

    As Randy Pitchford puts it, Aliens: Colonial Marines has been a labor of love for him and the team at Gearbox. The co-founder and CEO says that, like a lot of game developers, he’s made a career from aping elements of James Cameron’s classic sci-fi action movie. Unlike Ridley Scott’s... More
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