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Aliens: Colonial Marines

Tactical Trailer Highlights Special Alien Types

Nobody at Gearbox played any Left 4 Dead, no sir.

Just when you thought xenomorphs were bad enough, new types show up that spit acid, blow up when you shoot them, and resist tons of damage while charging your group and laying waste with brutal melee attacks.

Aliens: Colonial Marines comes out on Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and PC on February 12. The Wii U version should be out shortly thereafter.

  • Before anybody says somthing they might regret, yes these are similar to left 4 dead, but at least that means we know they're fun to fight(because in a way, we already fought them.)
  • Can't wait to get this on wiiU!
  • Febuaray 12 simply cannot come fast enough.
  • Looks like tons of variety!

  • Hope it's good, but I feel it may have been torn apart during its ridiculous dev time. Guess we'll see.
  • After all these years you would think the Aliens series would be better looking than having such generic looking graphics!
  • I'm still on the fence with this game. I hope they can finally do the franchise some justice.

  • "Nobody at Gearbox played any Left 4 Dead, no sir." So... it's a rip-off of L4D how? Just looks awesome to me.
  • I've been waiting for this since 2008, finally!!!

  • That kinda makes me less into this :/ I'm such a huge fan of these movies I want an actual suspenseful authentic time in it true to the series. Idk I guess since its a game they need variety. We shall see I got the collectors edition preordered so I can get the statue just hoe the games good too
  • Wow you really had me bummed for a second. I'm glad I took your words with a grain of salt and decided to watch the video. Other than the spitter and the "Tank" all of the other types work completely different than LFD. LFD didn't have human characters that specialized in certain things either. You talk like the only thing you know about left for dead is what you've heard from someone else. Gaming journalism at its best :P

  • I can't wait!!! 2 more weeks!

  • I hope the game will feature multiplayer modes where you can be both the alien and marines. Showcasing these archtypes in the trailer above looks to make it very compatible in a multiplayer setting.
  • I only need to know one thing:

    Who's making the action figures?

  • I'm still not convinced. I enjoyed playing as Xenomorph and Predator in AvP so much, that playing a simple FPS with Marines seems boring. I'd much rather have another AvP. But I'll stay tuned for more gameplay videos and make up my mind later.

  • This franchise needs to be taking notes from Dead Space. It's perfect for survival horror and that's what makes the movies so great! I want a strong single player campaign. I wanna see my platoon get wiped out with only a hand full of us left and watch them slowly get picked off one by one. I wanna be low on ammo, trying to escape a massive attack by crawling through air ducts while my auto turrets run out of ammo. That's what I think would do this franchise justice.
  • I want to be excited for this game but it seems like the more I see of it the less interested I become.  As I understand it, the multiplayer is limited to 4v4 which kinda bummed me out.  But more than that is just the visual and graphics.  It just doesn't pop or live up to what one would expect from the final months of this generation consoles.  I am definitely waiting to hear some first-hand accounts.  Maybe rent for the campaign.

  • I think that looks awesome.  Appart from the obvious ability copy, they really made it thiers.  This is Aliens after all.

  • Xenomorphs are awesome

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