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Aliens: Colonial Marines

Killing Machines Scurry In Aliens: Colonial Marines Story Trailer

"Right now, we're worried about what's killing our marines in there. This is a liquid situation. In about 30 seconds, that horizon is going to turn black, as the most dangerous killing machines in the universe rise up over it." Wait a second... Predators are in this game?

Jokes aside, Gearbox Software's story trailer for Aliens: Colonial Marines paints an exciting picture. Dropships, misplaced starships, human betrayal, and swarms of slithering aliens abound in this brief look at what 20th Century Fox is calling a canonical entry into the Alien series.

Check out the trailer, and let us know what you think of it in the comments section below. And before you go, tell us which species deserves the title of "most dangerous killing machine in the universe." Is it the Aliens or Predators?

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  • Glad to see Michael Biehn is back reprising his role
  • Glad to see the Aliens are back reprising their role.
  • Please don't suck! Please don't suck! Please don't suck!
  • If it weren't for Gearbox's great reputation, I might have passed on this game. I'm not so sure why the trailer focuses on action when much of the movies the game is based on we're survival horror. Still, the gameplay and DDiaries I've seen are certainly impressive enough to keep my eye on this one.
  • Can....not.....wait....until Dead Space 3 comes out! :)
  • Please be predators.
  • Predators. One-man army personified.

  • I hope my choice to pre order this will not be a mistake

  • I like how they're putting more than one type of Xeno in the game, keeps the player thinking and doesn't make them feel like they're taking out the same opponent over and over again until some sort of boss.

  • I have high hopes for this game. Looks better than the first for sure!
  • from my time hands on with this game...i need it now!

  • I admit that the Predators are very formidable foes, but they understand the idea of a fair game. They don't attack anyone unarmed (unless they go unarmed as well), sick, pregnant, etc. In Predator II (spoiler alert!), you will recall that after he killed the Predator he had been fighting throughout the movie, the other Predators let him go seeing as how he won fair and square. Xenos, on the other hand, kill relentlessly. As far as I can tell, nothing will stop them until everyone that they see as a threat (or prey/host) is dead.
  • I just want to play this because of the movies.

    And also, aliens are definitely better. They have to have Ellen Ripley after them.

  • I'm worried COD kids won't know what Aliens is as a franchise and sales will suffer.

    Predators... Aliens don't have access to weapons of mass destruction.
  • Dear Sega, This is who is interested in Aliens now. ^^^

    Enjoy. ~Love Alien Resurrection
  • Predators are the most lethal! But mad props to the Aliens cus they are downright vicious

  • hoping this game to be a good one!

  • I can't wait for this game! And I think the Aliens are the most dangerous. Predators are cool, but they seem to rely on technology. The Aliens are natural born killers. They also have greater numbers and acid blood.
  • I think that Aliens are a better choice for a killing machine if you want chaos and a high body count. I think Predators would be the better choice if you wanted to take out a handful of specific targets, and make sure those targets were DEAD DEAD DEAD. How about a Xenomorph in power armour, with a laser beam attached to its head?
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