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Aliens: Colonial Marines

The Alien Queen In Colonial Marines Terrified Us

We peered into the dark halls and walked down the creaky metal floorboard of Gearbox’s upcoming Aliens game. Somehow we’re still alive to tell the tale.

After the events of Alien 3, a search and rescue team is sent out to investigate the state of the U.S.S. Sulaco and the missing marines who were dispatched to the Xenomorph infested planet LV-426. During the game, players will explore the Sulaco, planet LV-426, and the abandoned alien spacecraft from the first movie.

We witnessed an early section from the game in which a marine squad first sets foot on the planet. The team crash lands and has to quickly regroup as a horde of angry Xenomorphs start to swarm about them. Some of the marines tried to set up a few stationary guns to fight back the crowd, but these were eventually overcome. Our marine tried to run back through the complex, and the whole base erupted into chaos, but when a semi-sized Alien Queen showed up, it was game over.

The game looks like a solid shooter, which shouldn’t surprise us coming from the developer that released Borderlands and the Brothers In Arms series. We haven’t seen much from this game that differentiates it from other sci-fi shooters, but the title looks intense, and if Gearbox can polish all of the game’s mechanics we should have another worthwhile shooter to play when the game comes out next year.

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  • Looks pretty good.

  • Lol, wait--am I the only one seeing Spike from Friendship is Magic in the image list?? Is Ben a brony?

    This game wasn't on my radar before, and the graphics don't actually look that great, but just a nice solid shooter set in this universe would be really cool.
  • Was is like the final boss in Ecco?
  • WTF is with the dragon image, because if that's the Alien Queen it truly is terrifying.
  • I just hope it doesn't get as repetitive as AvP did. I never really felt any fear from the Aliens in that one, so let's hope this game does justice to the ugly @#$%#$@#.

    One more thing, I do hope they have infestation mode from AvP. That mode was killer if you had a few friends.

  • It's like Left 4 Speed 2: "That is the scariest f***ing thing I have ever seen...AHHH!" Lolz

  • If these are pretty scary in pictures, I can't wait to see it in action. These will probably (hopefully) be the best nightmares ever.

  • I hope this is as amazing as it looks. It really looks like the movie.

  • Why is there a My Little Pony picture in the screenshots? However this is what I've come to expect from Ben... complete randomness
  • Third picture, top row. Huh?

  • looks nice. hopefully this game doesnt turn out like last years AvP. id like to see an awesome aliens game.

  • Random pony picture.
  • groan...can't we just forget about everything that came after Aliens?

  • Third picture in the top row is probably the scariest shot yet.

  • Mod
    Oh Spike, you're not an alien!

    On topic: The screenshots look pretty cool. I've been semi-interested in Aliens: Colonial Marines for awhile. I think I'll wait for the reviews though.

    Edit: Looks like they removed the drunken Spike from the premises. He should probably get some rest.
  • Wait, this is set after Alien 3? I thought this game used the premise that Ripley never survived the initial encounter with an Alien.

  • Confound these drinks,, they drove me to pony... what?

  • Oh my... it seems there will be ponies in this game.
  • Fingers crossed it's better than the last AvP game.

    PS: It's "Xenomorph".

  • There's a pony/dragon my sci-fi shooter. I don't even...

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