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Aliens: Colonial Marines

New Aliens: Colonial Marines Trailer Leaks On YouTube

I need to get my hands on Aliens: Colonial Marines. Each time I see it, Gearbox ups the intensity and finds new ways for humanity to die in horribly painful ways. The new trailer for the game, which turned up on Robstahhh's YouTube account, paints a bleak future for the humans tasked with ending this alien threat. The trailer even includes a great shot of a human dying from from the first-person perspective, and another shot of a marine spending far too much time yapping on his cell phone and not enough time paying attention to his surroundings.

For more on this 2012 release, check out Jeff Cork's excellent preview.

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  • I simply can't wait for this!  I am hoping it releases on WiiU.  If not, my 360 will do just nicely.

  • This looks really good. Hopefully they can do a better job than Rebellion.

  • Just great i think i just did a 2 on my pants, but the game looks awesome!!!!!

  • This game looks sick...the kind that would make you piss in your pants. I can't wait! ;)

  • very sexy, hope the multiplayer is marine on marine and aliens vs marines.

  • That actually looks creepy

  • Looks awesome. Although I'm a bit confused. Is it a horror game or an action game?

  • Looks good, cant wait to check out some more trailers and gameplay videos.

  • i saw this two days ago on avp galaxy

  • Mod

    Oh that was sik on a number of levels.

  • At least it's something different than the traditional CoD.

  • almost all of the Alien FPS games have been good solid games, heres hoping this one goes a step beyond and then some.

  • finally after all these years of hiatus we finally get a glimpse of what we're dealing interested in this game definatley


  • Now this looks good. I'm excited!

  • Cant wait for the next duke after this lol.

  • this looks Frikken sweet. Makes me wanna watch Aliens :P.  the guns even sounds exactly like the movie! so far i have hoped this will be awesome.

  • Short, controlled bursts

  • Why everyone gotta be hating on AvP? Did you actually play the game? Or even bother to look at a review before dismissing it as terrible? Most reviews thought it was okay. Average. Note the distinct lack of the word terrible. I could see how you might want to avoid the two alien campaigns. The controls can get kinda wonky. I don't like the Predator campaign. If you get used to the controls, I think the Alien is pretty enjoyable. It makes me feel like an Alien prowling the shadows and stalking space marines the same way Batman: Arkham Asylum makes me feel like Batman. Just with weird controls that need some getting used to. It would be better in third person. And then there's the Marine campaign. If you play it, you might notice that, yeah, it's normal. This was a complaint of many reviews. Basically, how unoriginal it felt. I enjoyed it very much, because even though it played just like other shooters, it puts you into the atmosphere of an Alien/Predator movie. And, oh, the atmosphere. This game scared the bejeezus outta me, more than once. I realize not everybody has surround sound, but if you do... well... it's exciting. The sound of a Predator's recorded laugh playing from a speaker behind me made me pause the game and jump up out of my seat to see who was standing there. There was nobody. Never have I had a reaction to a game like that.
  • keepin my eye on this one