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Aliens: Colonial Marines

New Aliens: Colonial Marines Trailer Leaks On YouTube

I need to get my hands on Aliens: Colonial Marines. Each time I see it, Gearbox ups the intensity and finds new ways for humanity to die in horribly painful ways. The new trailer for the game, which turned up on Robstahhh's YouTube account, paints a bleak future for the humans tasked with ending this alien threat. The trailer even includes a great shot of a human dying from from the first-person perspective, and another shot of a marine spending far too much time yapping on his cell phone and not enough time paying attention to his surroundings.

For more on this 2012 release, check out Jeff Cork's excellent preview.

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  • Finally I can let my excitement run rampant!!!

  • I worry a little about this game being a clone of what we've been playing now in games like Black Ops and Dead Space. Then there's the four player co-op which seems to work best with zombies. Aliens... with acid blood... coming up out of floor vents and through ceiling ducts...killed with backpack gatling guns... Did I just make that sound like a bad thing? Oops, my bad. How long until I can preorder this?

  • Since there aren't any Predators in this game, it could turn out to be good.

  • Left 4 Dead Space

  • Trailer looks great, let's hope Gearbox can pull off an amazing Aliens reboot.

  • Ohoho That Xenomorph got socked in the jaw!

  • Gearbox doesn't disapoint.
  • Aliens vs predator was fun but they needed to do better especially with the online but playing as an alien was AWESOME! I hope they have vs in this game I love playing as aliens.

  • Game over, man! GAME OVER!

  • Well it cant be any worse than AVP the game, that was disappointing.
  • I have complete faith in gearbox

    This is gooing to be one amazing game!

  • hell yessss.been a long time coming for a descent ALIEN game.and it looks like this is gonna have me jump like Dead Space did.(the first one at least,part 2 fealt like it lost that effect.)LETS ROCK!!

  • Looks great. This looks to be in the spirit of the original films. Didn't scare me like anything in those, but that's to be expected of a teaser. Been excited for this ever since GI had the cover reveal some years ago.

  • this. looks. awesome.

  • -shutters-...that was awesome.
    I loved Aliens vs Predators. Human Story = Straight Bad Ass. Hate Predators in that game, I like them in their own games like Concrete Jungle, But Space Marine Humans vs Aliens just....feels right...

    :) Thank you Sega and Gear Box. I liked the AVP Game, I play it from time to time. I only hope one day Epic could get ahold of the Aliens Franchise and do a Gears of War Meets Aliens type game. I'd rather like to play COG space Marines with Space Colony Marine Weaponary (And Noises! MUST HAVE THE MOVIE NOISES!) vs Aliens instead of Locusts.
  • That's a lot of ways to die. So it's like Dark Souls, in space?
  • This put a smile on my face.

  • This looks really fun!

  • I'm so excited for this game.

  • Game Over Man! Game Over!!!