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Alien Rage

Cinematic Trailer And Screenshots Revealed

Alien Rage, the upcoming sci-fi FPS from City Interactive, is officially set to launch on September 24 for XBLA, PSN, and PC. City Interactive is the studio behind Sniper: Ghost Warrior, which came out in 2010.

Set on an asteroid called Deimos 875, Alien Rage plots players on a hunt for promethium, an invaluable power source that can make or break entire planets. Its gameplay is fast-paced and action-packed, presenting players with 21 enemy types and 8 bosses over 14 levels. It’s unclear at this time if the game will support local or online multiplayer. 

City Interactive released a cinematic trailer for Alien Rage today, complete with an ominous backstory and a healthy dose of Inception synth sounds. Check it out below. 

  • like rage only with aliens and not on earth
  • I will wait for the reviews on this one. Both sniper ghost warriors were really bad in my opinion.
  • This looks pretty sweet and I can't wait to try it out, for the right price....

  • Looks good but not the most original name in existence huh?
  • Hm, seems interesting. Will have to wait and see though.

  • wow an arcade game that looks legit. im in

  • Isn't the whole "lone space marine" thing kind of played out?
  • Sounds like simple sci-fi shooter I'll probably stick to Halo before giving this one a try.

  • This has massive potential and I think a smaller project could really do this team some good.


  • Well for a digital title,I'm not going to expect anything groundbreaking. Probably something fun for the weekend. I think I'd buy this. I at least know what's coming out of it as opposed to games like Of Orcs and Men,which just popped up on the PSN store with no real info about it,charging 50 bucks. This looks like it won't be ridiculous on the wallet.

  • Looks interesting... not original but interesting

  • It looks cool, but generic.
  • Seems every space marine now is a giant hulking mass of themselves in a suit.
  • I've bet all my money that this video game will be forgotten in no time.

  • Yeah, I don't know about this one. Never heard of it before now, and it just doesn't seem that great. It's either "just another shooter", or it's going to be some cult hit.
  • Not even going to consider it until the reviews come out. City isn't a very high quality developer.

  • Looks kind of cool

  • I'm waiting for the comment that says the narrator sounds like Keifer Sutherland. Oh wait, here it is!

  • That guy looked like a Gears Marine....
  • Yeah, looks like it a would be typical space FPS in what will again be a saturated genre for current and next gen. Needless to say, any solid sci-fi FPS game being released now that easily puts further shame on Aliens: Colonial Marines are always welcomed.
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