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Alien: Isolation

'Alien' Cast Reflects On The Film As They Reprise Roles In Alien: Isolation

From everything we've seen and played of the game so far, The Creative Assembly is treating Alien: Isolation's source material, the 1979 Alien, with reverence. According to members of the film's cast, they knew that they were working on something special at the time, too. A new video shows actors including Sigourney Weaver, Harry Dean Stanton, and Tom Skerritt, as they look back on the film and toward the video game, where they're reprising their roles in special downloadable missions.

Yaphet Kotto, who played chief engineer Dennis Parker, likens Ridley Scott's film to other classic horror, like Frankenstein or Dracula. Tom Skerritt (captain A.J. Dallas) says in the video that there was a feeling on set that they were making a classic. Veronica Cartwright, who played navigator Joan Lambert, says that one of the most intriguing aspects of the game is the possibility that history could be rewritten. She teases that maybe she'll get a chance to survive this time around.

Look for Alien: Isolation on Xbox One, Xbox 360, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, and PC on October 7.

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  • Cannot wait for this! Better be good

  • It's working.......with every new article I am getting more and more hyped. I will probably have this preordered before September at this rate. There's something about the sneaking aspect and no ALIENS guns blazing that has me really intrigued.

  • I saw the movie when I was so young. Scared the bejesus out of me. 79 was a long time ago, dag everyone looks so old! XD! It's such a cinema masterpiece.

  • I'm really excited for this game. It looks like they have really gotten the feel right and the fact that they're adding in the original cast makes it that much better.
  • If they have the original cast behind it 100% I believe that this will be well worth it.

  • I really want to like this game. Hope it is all it's made out to be

  • This has to be the one, the slow trek while being hunted by the Xeno. I like that they are making this into a survival horror, this is what the movie was about. Not shooting up Xenos. They have the right idea, and adding the cast from the original is a great addition, now I just hope they execute it well. I've preordered this game, because I haven't played a good horror game in a while.

  • Weaver is kind of woman I never found attractive until her later years (some random romantic comedy I can't remember. Ray Liota and Love Hewitt were also in it) This game makes Ripley look more attractive than the original lol.

    Here is hoping this game does well what every fan has been craving for.

  • Now that's what I call some DLC, have to give them credit that they actually got the original cast back to do this which isn't easy.. Creative Assembly, I am extremely impressed.

  • Occulus cannot come fast enough.


  • This continues to look better and better. Getting pretty excited for it and just watched the first Alien movie again the other nite as a refresher. Prob gonna watch the 2nd movie too. Those 2 are the best ones in the series after all.
  • Man, the hype train for Alien: Isolation is getting me pretty excited. Is it wrong to want a game only because of the DLC?

  • Very cool that they got the original actors to play them again. Awesome. They are going to great lengths to make this game feel authentic.