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Alien: Isolation

Alien: Isolation Developer Diary Details The Retro-Future Aesthetic

The latest developer diary for the upcoming Alien: Isolation showcases the game's future-from-the-past production design.

The team made a decision early-on in development that it wouldn't include any technology that couldn't have been created in 1979 to be used on the original film's set. For the displays appearing on the tube-televisions throughout the game, the team would record the video onto a VHS tape, rough up up the VHS tape, and then record the resulting intentionally poor-quality video into the game from a VCR.

You can check out the full video below, which offers a little bit of gameplay from the game. Alien: Isolation releases on October 7 for Xbox One and 360, and PlayStation 4 and 3, and PC. For more on the game head here for some of our hands-on impressions.

[Source: Sega]

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  • I'm not even going to laugh if this game sucks. It'd be like taking bets over whether the sun will come down at the end of the day.

  • I really want this game to be good. Especially since it's based on the first film. It looks like they are going in the right direction.. but so did that game which we shall not name. I'm keeping my fingers crossed.
  • That's really cool...

  • I'm ready for this, loved Outlast!!!

  • That's... actually pretty awesome. I'm starting to get HYPED!

  • I'm so excited for this game! :D

  • Kudos to these guys for taking the time to understand their genre, their audience, and what it means to be authentic. If I were into the Alien series, I would be very optimistic about this game. Hell, I don't really like the series, but this game has me interested enough to try it!
  • I like that kind of sci-fi tech a lot better than stupidly complex holograms. It doesn't make sense that everyone would be using holo-PCs in the future because they would display terribly. Who would want to be playing a video game and be able to see what's behind their screen? From a realistic standpoint it's kinda dumb. It would be cooler if people just had way sleeker hardware, and TVs that are only a centimeter thick in sci-fi, and that sort of stuff. Also, why the H do they say "lo-fi sci-fi"? Shouldn't it be "low tech"? "lo-fi" would be "low-fiction". The actual term lo-fi has to do with recording quality.
  • Mod

    Seeing how come Monday i'll most likely be owning an XboxOne, I'll actually have to keep an eye on this. IF they manage to truly capture the dreadful fear that the Alien ( and imo Aliens) movie had for us....they'll get my money. I've been aching for a stellar Alien game for a LONG LONG time. This will make or break this company's reputation imo. If they succeed, they will be praised godly amounts, if they fail on a level anywhere near Colonial Marines ( I'd like to say " I doubt it, but you never know) then things could get ugly.

    Regardless I hope this game does a better job than Outlast's approach to feeling helpless. While the jump scares and paranoia were great, ultimately I wasn't too sucked into the world or afraid of the enemies. This game has the potential to be quite a solid title.

  • Pants are now off.

  • This game is an interesting look at the lengths passionate devs can go to create a truly unique experience. I hope it comes out well for all interested parties.

  • Awesome

  • I'm really looking forward to this game.

  • I'm really excited for Aliens: Isolation. I'm hoping this will be the one Alien game that will make me forget all about... Colonial Marines... *shudders*
  • *grabs lotion and tissue*

  • Like everyone else, I'm holding my breath but trying my best to not get my hopes up. It seems like the devs are on the right track, but as we know, that path can easily get derailed.

  • I'm really rooting for this game. I just hope they don't screw it up.

  • Please, more acid spit and better animation and we're set

  • Funny thing is the best spacecraft America ever built was back then, we can't even build a flyable spacecraft these days with all our advances in technology.
  • This is the first Alien game I have a good feeling about. That said, I'm going into it with medium expectations but I am hopeful.