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Alien: Isolation

The Developers Explain The Terror Of Survival

Video games attached to the Alien franchise have had a spotty track record in the past, but Alien: Isolation looks to be shaping up promisingly as a true survival horror game. A new video interview and supporting Q&A have been released by Sony, providing a lot of information about the game and the vision the designers are aiming for.

Most notably, there is one dynamic and reactive Alien stalking your character (Amanda, daughter of Ellen Ripley). There will be no set or predetermined A.I., making for an unpredictable experience in which you don't know when the Alien will show up next. The developer in the Q&A gives examples of this dynamism, saying that, for instance, using a flashlight in a dark area or running will alert the Alien more quickly.

There are other interesting tidbits in the interview, one of them being that the light bar on the Dualshock 4 will flash in-sync with the ping of the motion tracker in the game, letting you know when the Alien is getting closer. Another is that the HUD and the technology interface will be very much influenced by the film, meaning that the in-world materials will be “lo-fi/sci fi, push button tech that’s clunky, glitchy, and imperfect.” You can read the full interview with creative lead Alistair Hope here. Alien: Isolation will be releasing on Xbox One, Xbox 360, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, and PC later this year.

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  • This looks way too scary for me

  • Please be good times infinity.
  • Assuming the reviews are good, this will be my first survival horror game. It looks great thus far.
  • This looks and sounds terrifying. I really hope it's good

  • Looking forward to this game. True survival horror games are a lost art, and this has the potential to be one of the best. It all rides on the AI of the Xenomorph IMO. If its truly unpredictable and unscipted, it will capture the thrill of survival that the Devs talk about. If it just ends up having a very limited set amount of reactions to the player, it will become easily exploitable and the game will be bore. Fingers crossed for first option *

  • This better be good unlike the last 2 Aliens related games namely Colonial Marines and AVP both sucked hard ....
  • Hopefully not another colonial marines...but looks awsome. Will def try if it reviews well :-D

  • very cool

  • I wish they wouldn't call this game survival horror as there are no survival elements (as far as i know) in this game other than staying alive, which is a requirement in all games.
  • He said it's coming to PS3 and PS4 late 2014. Is this exclusive?
  • I want this! Finally the "Alien" game we've been waiting for.

  • I hope this game has the feel of outlast, that scared the *** out of me!

  • Really really hope this isn't like colonial marines with the trailers that have nothing to do with the actual game. But if this is what the game is like, I can't wait!

  • I'm glad they're going for the vibe of the original film. I always enjoyed that one much more.

  • I really hope this Alien game is good. It's bee far too long since the last that I really enjoyed.

  • I can't wait...I'm praying this game shows and proves...

  • BRING IT!!!!

  • I am very interested in trying the game.

  • So, does it or does it not come to the PC? In the trailer they specify PS3/4 but on GI it lists it as all platforms.

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